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Date du début: 28 août 2015, Date de fin: 27 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"PROIECTUL TINERILOR CU INITIATIVA" is an EVS type of learning mobility involving 3 accredited organizations (Organizatia Tinerilor cu InitiativaRO(with the direct support of the youth workers from the Arad local branch) ; FYCA / AM, Droni / GE) and has a total duration of 20 months. The project aims to provide in Arad / RO a non-formal learning experience for 16 NEET young (8 from AM and 8 from GE), in 2 groups stages of 6 months each. "PROIECTUL TINERILOR CU INITIATIVA" aims to provide volunteers a path to those attitudes / skills / knowledge needed to increase the employability and the civic-social initiative. Objectives: 1) Develop the volunteers’ employability skills; 2) Develop a non-formal program to support the candidacy of Arad city for the position of European Cultural Capital in 2021, involving at least 600 young people from Arad. The activities are configured to support the achievement of the objectives and actively involving volunteers including that they can follow their individual learning goals. The activities are varied and will involve interventions in collaboration with four public institutions and four cultural NGOs in Arad and multiple interactions with young people (including those coming from orphanages), media representatives and numerous other stakeholders. A new element is that volunteers will act in mixed teams simulating „non-formal firms "(having as a model " training firms "), being asked to explore solutions with a profoundly entrepreneurial character. The volunteers will develop within 5 work packages actions / events / workshops for the most varied experimental development of their own competences and also to support Arad’s candidacy for the position of European Capital of Culture in 2021: -“living library” & “open cafe” with artists and cultural entrepreneurs - street promotional actions (including street animation, flash-mobs, several happenings) - “treasure hunt” and cultural quiz evenings -“interactive presentations” of theatre plays, museum exhibitions, concerts -“European/intercultural evening”, ”cinema evening” -actions such as “Book Exchanges”;”Collect/Donate books” Each of the public actions developed by the volunteers during the stage (around 3/month) will involve: -work meetings with the local stakeholders -elaborating action plans -administrative-practical measure (arranging work spaces, protection and safety measures) -elaborating and spreading promotional materials (posters, brochures, invitations, templates etc) -web-admin for each events e-page and its e-promotion -the implementation component (co-facilitation, organizational support, as applicable) - monitoring and ensuring traceability (including archiving measures) - evaluation (as applicable: interviews, questionnaires, “urns”, “garden” etc) -reporting (on a master form provided by the hosting organization) We anticipate that PROIECTUL TINERILOR CU INITIATIVA will generate a long term impact mostly among the EVS volunteers and on the hosting-community (Arad/RO), but also in the sending communities from AM and GE, caused by the measures taken to disseminate/exploit the results.



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