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Programa de voluntariado con jóvenes con discapacidad intelectual y adultos mayores
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Oficina de Acción Solidaria y Cooperación UAM through the project " Programa de Voluntariado con Jóvenes con Discapacidad y Adultos Mayores" works together, on one hand, with youngsters with intellectual disabilities in cooperation with PRODIS Foundation. This project aims to promote capacity building among young people with intellectual disabilities, support their development of abilities and strengthen their autonomy and make their inclusion into labour market easier.On the other hand, supports and attends elderly people through leisure activities strengthening intergenerational attitudes. Through the different tasks the volunteer will carry out, they will apporach the difficulties young people with intellectual disabilities face when it comes to get a first job and tackle inclusion in society. Besides, this project aims as well to promote the development and strengthening of EVS volunteers capacities through solidarity, equality and respect.The activities that will be carried out by the volunteers are as follows:- Collaboration with PRODIS Foundation in activities that promote andsupport the social and labour insertion of young people with intellectual disabilities (Filing and Organization, New Technologies, English, Culture and Society and so on)- Participation in local volunteering activities to support elderly people; free time and leisure time activities (crafts, theatre…).- Collaboration with administrative tasks carried out in the Area of International Volunteering; filing and registration of sending and hosting EVS projects conducted by the office since its origin.- Collaboration in the Week of Solidarity and other events. The Week of Solidarity involves a series of events (workshops, film forums, conferences, courses ...) that requires the support of the volunteers in many tasks, for instance, promotion, organization and advertising, among others. They will also participate in the initial trainings provided by the office to new volunteers, telling them about their project and helping us to spread the programme among their peers.Solidarity among young people is the keycore of our project, as well as capacity building for young people with intellectual disabilities in order to make their labour insertion easier. Plus, intercultural approach and social inclusion are key points of this project, thus volunteers will have an experience of intercultural learning, working and living in a different context and different social and cultural backgrounds. This experience will promote the respect towards cultural diversity and self-awareness of their own culture and background. The project itself aims to build a common framework based on equality, solidarity and cooperation.



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