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ProFMcompetence2011: Harmonisation of competence standards in the professional and further education in the sector of facility management

The analyses in the context of Bologna-process show the European education policy with it’s basic deficits in the sector of facility management:1. European curricula significantly differ in the sector of facility management.2. A recognition of formally and informally acquired competences is difficult, if not impossible just because of the missing competence standards also over country borders.3. Missing competence standards hinder geographical and professional mobility on the European labour market.This project should contribute to the organization/validation of effective learning activities within the professionell facility management. The intention is to develop differentiated characterisation of competences regarding to a continuative education.Project objectives:1. Description of FM core competences as a glossary in the national languages of all project partners2. Identification of FM work and learning processes 3. Revision/evaluation of competence standards for the professional education and further training4. Strategies for description of learning units within a European education framework5. Strategies for the use and implementation of a CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management)-System6. Support for an external quality management in terms of an accreditation of European education phases7. Support for the estimation/documentation of formall and informally acquired competences8. Valorisation of the project results in the partner countries, in particular via communication of the project objectives to organisations working in the field of education and further training.



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