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Profesyonel Gelişimin Sürdürülebilir Bir Kaynağı Olarak Akran Koçluğu (Peer Coaching as A Sustainable Source of Professional Development)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Summary The reason why this project is carried out at Mursallı Sabahat Oğuz Secondary School is to equalize the disadvantaged students in every sense. The school consists of disadavantaged students such as: students of transported education(70%), students whose parents are divorced and whose mum or dad is dead(10%), students who have to work due to financial trouble(15%), students whose families immigrated from east to west due to unemployment. Such problems lead to students that are lack of self-knowledge, unaware of their potentials, not able to make plans for future. Peer coaching can be usefel for these students. Moreover, the parents are not interested in their children’s education and do not try to make future plans for their children. Teachers want to apply Peer Coaching at school and aim to be a family, a friend and a teacher for the students. Thus, the disadvantaged students will be equalized with other advantaged students, will gain self-knowledge and self-confidence, learn to set right goals and increase his/her learning potential through self-learning. This project is aimed to be permanent as a culture. As a result, it is also aimed to provide sustainable, logical, and permanent development in accordance with Europe 2020 Strategic Plan. In time, these students will also be saved from being an problem, aimless, diffident and passive adults who don’t contribute to economy. We aim to raise individuals who are qualified, self-confident, enterprising and contributing to economy. The teachers chosen for the course are: H. Bora BAYRAMCI; both school director and experienced physical education teacher. In his teaching career, he obtained many sportive successes. He has a powerful sense in motivating students, and making students realize their potentials. Fatih UZUNOĞLU, English teacher and contact person of the project. He is loved by the students and sensitive teacher. He has an experience of abroad education in Poland and make students love the subjects he teaches. Fatma SÖNMEZ is science teacher. She has good communication with students and willing to take part in projects. She has represented the school in national projects called “Bu Benim Eserim”. Buse TAVAZ is social studies teacher. She motivates students, and directs them to take part in artistic and extracurricular activities. Kamuran YAPICI is Technology and Design teacher. She has a moderate and merciful approach to students and she is loving and reformist teacher. Bayram OKUDAN is physical education teacher. He has first places in football and volleyball branches in town and city. He also has very good communication with disadvantaged people. He has no hesitation to communicate with the parents of students. Our methods of applying the project are: first determination of the course in accordance with the needs of school. In preparation stage, a team will be formed and necessary legal, cultural, social and linguistic preparations will be made. In the context of legal preparations, learning agreement and contract will be signed with the course. The socail and cultural structure of the country where the course takes place will searched. For linguistic preparations, an English course will be taken for those members whose language level is not enough. They will learn English enough for course at least B1 level. The course will be provided through Public Education Centers. These works will be shared by the goup members. After the course is completed, peer coaching education will be provided for other teachers who won’t be able to join the course. It is aimed to generalize the output of the Peer Coaching Project through international projects such as Key Action 2, seminars in town or city, through internet or written media(magazine, web site etc.), social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.). At the end of the project, it is aimed to raise individuals who are self-confident, aware of their goals, who can determine their interests, set right goals. They will be successful students who learned self-learning. When they are grown-ups, they will have conpleted their education and will be working in the field they feel happy and become a qualified work force. They will contribute to national economy and will be citizens who produce and adapt themselves to changing conditions.