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Professional International Curricular Training
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the framework of the EU goal to provide students and educational professionals with a better opportunity on the (international) labour market, Summa College makes an annual application at the Dutch National Agency for Erasmus+ activities. The project aims at giving a large number of students and teachers of Summa College the opportunity to gain work- and/or learning experience abroad. This consists of some 225 VET-students of levels 2, 3, and 4 of all possible branches of study within Summa College, as well as teachers of the various courses who want to improve their knowledge and skills by means of a short stay abroad. The most important goals/activities for students and VET-professionals are: - to survive in an unfamiliar environment - to improve their knowledge in the language of the target country - to gain work- and learning experience in a country with a different language and culture The methodology is as follows: Summa College makes contact with partners in various countries of the EU - Summa College decides the programme of the participant (student or teacher) in close consultation with partners -Summa College monitors the activities of the participant together with the partner - Summa College evaluates the activities of the participants upon return and stores the result in their respective files The results envisaged are as aimed by the EU: - participants that have not only become wiser, more responsible and more independent by an experience abroad, but also have a better chance on the (inter)national labour market, among which surely the presence of Brainport in the environment of Summa College may be counted. After each mobility activity evaluation takes place. An extra critical look is given at the performance of new companies; partners with whom we have worked together for years already are evaluated on a sample basis. The impact we envisage among other things is for instance that the strong demand in Germany for well educated child care workers leads to a growing demand for Dutch students with a foreign VET-experience. This has its effect on the curriculum by the reintrodcution of the German language and the orientation of the students on the German culture and professional practice. As longer term benefits Summa College sees the following: - make a contribution to the reinforcement of the EU on the world market by supplying well educated and highly qualified personnel - be an appreciated partner in an educational learning environment where internaionally oriented companies and enterprises play a role in the learning process of both students and professionals - facilitate companies in the area in their international activities by offering quality education by professional teachers with an international outlook - make sure that a proper dissemination leads to more students opting for an international work placement.



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