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Profesní růst - brána k úspěchu ve vzdělání
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Mgr. Lucie Moravcová: The participant (from MSŠ) will take part in a study visit - job-shadowing in the partner organization (JEDU) in Finland,in the lessons of the English language and CLIL subjects. The activity is aimed at gathering new information and their presentation to colleagues and their implementation into the teaching process. Expected impact: Higher quality of teaching and training the students for their further studies and future professions. Continuation of cooperation with the partner organization in new or follow-up projects for the staff and students. For the participant - professional development (quality enhancement), inspiration for lessons, learning about Finnish culture, new experience regarding international cooperation/projects Mgr. Petr Kupčák: The participant will be taking the english language lessons for a two weeks in the Malta. The aim is to be involved in international projects. The participant will gain a knowledge using english language during the self-studies in the technical and IT area. PhDr. Renata Važanská: The participant will attend a two-week course of the German language. It is aimed to strengthen the language proficiency of the management as the language skills are required and the director does not teach a foreign language. The two-week course will be arranged by a language agency and the aim is strengthening the language skills of German, improving listening and reading comprehension and oral and written expression. Mgr. Jan Bobek: The participant will attend a two-week course of the English language in Malta to engage more efficiently in the international projects. As a member of the school management the participant is in frequent contact with foreign project partners therefore enhancing the English language skills is essential. Mgr. Monika Stanková: The participant will attend a two-week course of the Italian language in Italy. The essential asset of the activity will be providing a wider range of optional foreign languages by adding the Italian language into the offer for students. It will also enhance the language proficiency of the staff in international projects, e.g. in the process of finding Italian partner schools and organizations. Job shadowing in Kaufmännische Schule Hanau (Germany): This activity is focused on project learning in foreign language lessons and business lessons, teaching business topics in English and using new learning technologies in foreign languages. Next important reason for participating in this activity will be discussion how to involve the local companies to the school curriculum. The school has been chosen for many reasons: similar specialization of the school and very intensive cooperation with local companies. Gained knowledge and skills will be used in more efficient teaching and methodical support of the collegues at school. Participant: Mgr. Andrea Rušarová (teacher at MSŠ) Job shadowing in Tarsus Andolu Ögretment Lisesi (Turkey): Job shadowing in Turky is focused on starting cooperation between schools in different cultural areas, new methods of teaching in different subjects and usage of new learning technologies. 2 teachers of different subjects will attend ICT lessons, lessons of foreign languages, science, social and business studies at school. They will exchange their experience in teaching ICT, analyze teaching methods, evaluation, software and hardware security with ICT teachers. Participants: Ing. Zdenek Matúš, Mgr. Alena Kocůrková (teachers at MSŠ). PhDr. Radan Skřivánek - A possible participant of the language course considers having an opportunity to attend a language course in a country, where the French language is the mother tongue, as a necessity. Thanks to a language course a new knowledge, not only of grammatical field but new sociocultural information concerning the French civilisation, could be obtained. Expected impact - A higher quality of teaching and training the students for their further studies and future professions. Impact for the participant - professional development (quality enhancement), learning about the French culture. Mgr. Simona Tylová - teacher will attend two-week-long intensive language courses (English Language in Malta and German Language in Austria) either in March or during summer holidays 2015. They will make use of gained knowledge when teaching specialised nursing subjects. Mgr. Renáta Glogovská: The participant is a teacher of general and vocational Russian. She is to attend one-week course for Russian teachers in a Russian speaking country. The content and objective of the course is to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Mgr. Milada Pěchová: she is to visit the partner organization (Justus-von-Liebich Schule) in German Waldshut in order to shadow in specialized nursing subjects. Mgr. Andrea Šuláková - The participant (from MSŠ) will visit the partner organization (Zadkine) in the Netherlands, for the purpose of shadowing in English lessons.



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