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Profesjonalne staże zagraniczne techników kluczem do mobilności zawodowej
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Fast development of new Technologies and changes on labour market cause that school needs to use new methods of teaching and gaining information. That motivates us to make the student have vocational, interpersonal and language skills which will help to overcome barriers on the way to personal and professional career. The project will give the opportunity to improve professional and communication skills in contacts with clients and employers. The project will organize two four-week placements for: first – 25 students of secondary school of logistics and the second - 15 students of technical school of economy and 10 of technical school of mechanics.. The partner in the project will be YouNet from Italy and Esmovia from Spain which will give the opportunity to have vocational training for our students in April and May 2016 in companies located in Valencia and Bologna. The main purpose of this project will be improving of all the professional skills, getting knowledge about European market and studying foreign language connected with particular profession. All the participants will take part in training in companies where they will be able to observe and study: economists- about planning and running their own businesses, taxes, accountancy and finances, analysing and making financial reports; technicians of logistics – planning and organising works connected with logistics process, stock management, warehouse management and waste management; mechanics- producing different pieces of machinery and devices, doing assembly and installing machines, operating machines and devices, how to organize the production process. These trainings will take place according to European standards and let the participants to gain necessary knowledge, get new skills connected with their professions with using the newest technology. This foreign training will improve their creativity and it will be easier for them to find a good job in future. It also let the participants to prepare better for the final vocational exams. The great advantage of it will be the possibility of studying English, Italian and Spanish language, getting knowledge about Spain and Italy and also starting new international contacts. The participants after returning will share their gained new knowledge and experience with the other students, teachers, local society and employers. The final reports will substantiate all training and let us give the participants some mark. Each of them will get the Mobility Europass documents and certificate confirming of taking part in vocational course and language training.



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