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Profesionālo kompetenču pilnveide PIKC RVT audzēkņiem un personālam
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

International cooperation is one of the basic element in the institutional strategy of Vocational Education Competence Centre “Riga State Technical School” – regular exchange of specialists and orientation to intensive mobility of the learners, teachers and technical school’s staff, thus providing a possibility to gain international experience and use it in the process of techniacl school’s internationalization. In order to implement the strategy, technical school participates in the contests of Erasmus+ mobility projects. In 2016 technical school is submitting an application of the mobility project “Improvement of proffesional competences of VECC “Riga State Technical School” students and staff”. The most important aims of the project are:– to promote the chances for the students and vocational education specialists to gain international experience, to improve their knowledge, skills and competences in order to promote their professional and individual development, employment and possibilities to align with the European labour market;– to promote development of the content of vocational educational programmes, mobility of the learners and vocational education specialists, internationalization of the technical school and attraction of vocational education;– to provide a positive and long term impact on the mobility participants and their organisations.There will participate 29 students and 19 vocational education specialists in this project. In total there will be 48 participants from several departments and educational programmes of the technical school – Auto, Business, Chemistry Technology, Computer, Energetics, Mechanical Engineering, Printing and Media Technologies, Railway and Woodworking department, educational programme “Catering Services”, as well as management of the technical school. The students will carry out a part of their qualification practice in the vocational educational institutions and/or companies of eight European countries. They will improve the knowledge and skills necessary for their speciality. Vocational education specialists will get acquainted with organization of training and practice work in the educational institution and/or company, with educational programmes provided by the school, with material technical equipment and methodological provision. They will observe the lessons and implementation of the practical training, visit collaboration companies of the host organisation and acquire the usage possibilities of ECVET instrument. This project is prepared and in case of approval will be implemented on basis of previous experience of the technical school in the implementation of mobility projects. Technical school will consider Erasmus+ VET Mobility Quality Commitment and use ECVET principles. The most significant result/benefit of the mobility is improvement of professional competences of the students and staff, diversification of students’ qualification practice and obtaining international experience. During mobility partcipants will improve their knowledge of foreign language and increase their motivation for futher professional activity. Participants of the project will get to know culture, traditions and mentality of other country, becoming more tolerant and open. As a result will be promoted competitiveness of the mobility participants in the labour market. In a longer term experience and knowledge gained in the mobilities will be used in order to improve training and practice work at the technical school. Cooperation with foreign partners will help to the technical school to create educational programmes accordingly to the needs of labour market and qualifications in Latvia and Europe. This all will make the technical school as internationally recognizable vocational educational institution.



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