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Profesionālā pilnveide kvalitatīvas izglītības īstenošanai
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Professional Development for the Implementation of Quality Education" is needed to achieve specific strategic objectives Smiltenes Tehnikums, which is in line with the European development plan, the objectives of participant and contribute to the attractiveness of vocational education. The vision of Smiltenes Tehnikums is - till 2020 to become a recognized educational competence center that provides quality of formal and informal education in regional, national and international level. To achieve this sets priorities - development of quality education, efficient resource management, national, regional and international co-operation with the expansion of educational opportunities. According to the school strategy in the project two years is planned to involve a total of 66 students - about 6% of the total number of students each year, 10 professional subjects teachers, practices and methodical process managers and 10 graduates of the school. It is planned that the number of students from school to supplement vocational and social skills will be: 18 Veterinary Medicine 16 hotel services, 12 food service, 12 road construction mechanics, 8 car mechanics course students The planned duration of the mobility is different - from 1 month to 6 months, students and graduates of the school that fits qualifying practice but teacher mobility for 10 days. Most of our students are living in the countryside, far from the cities and county centers, in socially and economically difficult circumstances, so a large part of the project participants will be young people from low-income families, single-parent families, left without parental care. It will be young people whose everyday life had an impact from crisis, which this is the first, and it may happen that the only way to get experience to another land, as well as the income level of the family deny to see other countries and development in professional and social way. They are young people with low self-esteem and discipline problems as well as those who consciously acquire the chosen profession, participate in activities and are interested to develop future work and career development. Selection of the participants in the project is a democratic - just have to want to improve themselves. Engage those that improve learning outcomes prove to themselves and others that his mobility is essential for growth and future objectives, those who have mastered basic knowledge in vocational school. Project management, monitoring and preparation of the participants carrying out an international project manager Inguna Avota with experience since 2007, which provides contracting, program, participants insurance, travel, internship programs and home monitoring of the situation in each company, the participant preparation and continuous communication. According to the project purpose for school strategy, the aims of participants and Erasmus + program objectives the project carried out and its results will focus on - Schools Strategy; - Reducing unemployment among young people, - Professional skills, CV replenishment - Better qualified to find work in the future - The creation of active European citizenship that is aware of his rights and freedoms, understands the European dimension, - Quality education, including new teaching methods and content, is a creative and innovate - The promotion of vocational education in popularity - Young people's motivation to remain in school and improve their educational outcomes. Selection of participants is democratically - based motivation for improvement and using professional and social outcomes in the future. The project is based and will develop of experience from previous projects. We use the evaluation results and selection of participants and partners. The project will continue to work with well-known partners from Malta, Bulgaria, Italy, France and Spain and new partners from Portugal and Spain. Partner choice is determined by the possibilities offered by different companies practices by Latvian often impossible to implement. Similarly, the experience that partners are responsible practices program is executed, the goals were achieved and the participants returned very satisfied with the experience gained and everyday life. Long-term results of the project, refer to Vocational Education popularity in total: - Smiltenes Tehnikumsl as a growth opportunity for everyone - Innovative teaching methods - European and demand in labor market professions and programs developed on the international aspect - Motivated formal and non-formal education learners - Vocational education accessibility, visibility and comparability across Europe - Active, self-confident, professional graduate who complemented professional skills abroad - Open and motivating teachers, interesting and creative ways of working with a focus on preparing young people for the labor market needs - European educated society



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