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Profesionālā pieredze citā valstī - vairāk iespēju nākotnē
Date du début: 15 juin 2016, Date de fin: 14 mars 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “ Professional Experience in Other Country - More Opportunities in the Future” will be implemented at Smiltene Tehnikums accordingly with the strategic objectives, which are defined by the European Development Plan, the objectives of participants and promotes the attractiveness of vocational education.The Vision of Smiltene Tehnikums - 2020 is to become a recognizable Education Competence Center, which provides a qualitative formal and informal education, relevant to the labour market in the regional, national and international level. In order to implement it, there are priorities set– the growth and development of the quality in education, efficient resource management, international, national and regional cooperation with the expansion of education opportunities.According to the strategy of the school , project involves all students, including students with special needs - mental disorders, vision, hearing, and mobility disabilities , as well as teachers of vocational subjects, training practice managers and school graduates. It is planned that 62 students of general professional education programs are to enhance their vocational and social skills :17 Veterinary Medicine,18 Hotel services13 Catering service14 Car and road Construction and 15 from students with special needs2 for construction workers2 text editor 2 shoemakers2 seamstress2 carers4 cooks and chef assistant1 carpenters 6 graduates10 teachersScheduled duration of the mobilities - from 2 weeks to 3 months of students, teachers mobility from 7-15 days.Most of the school's students live in the countryside, far from the cities and district centres, socially and economically difficult conditions, so a large part of the project participants will be young people from poor , sometimes even disadvantageous families, the ones left without parental care, young people with disabilities. The critical household conditions and health problems of theirs as well as the income level of a family have left the the consequences on them, so this is the first and may be the only way for students to visit a foreign country, get any experience and improve themselves. Sometimes they are also young people with a low self-esteem and discipline problems, as well as those who study dutifully and get involved in various activities and are motivated to improve themselves in order to to be able to stand competition if their future profession.The choice of project members is mainly based on motivation of the students. They get satisfactory results or try to improve learning outcomes, stating that the mobility is needed for their development and future objectives.Project management, monitoring and preparation of the projects shall be carried out by participants Inguna Avota, who has experience in the implementation of the projects since 2006 January.The aim, according to the strategy, Erasmus + objectives of the programe and the European development plan, implemented by the project and its results will be directed to the the implementation of the strategy,reducing unemployment among young people,professional skills, CV Replenishmentbetter qualified workforce in order to find a job in the futurethe creation of a European citizen who is aware of their rights and freedoms, understand the European dimension,the inclusion of young people with special needs, in order to make equal opportunities for professional and social developmentquality in education, which includes new training methods and a creative, motivating, and interesting contentthe popularity of vocational educationthe motivation for young people to not leave school and improve their training results.the implementation of the European Development PlanThe development of the project and the experience of previous years is used for the evaluation and selection of participants and the choice of partners. In the course of the project, we continue cooperation with well-known partners from Malta, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain and new partners from Cyprus and Britain. Partners are chosen on quality basis- facilities of training practices in different companies which are often impossible to implement. in Latvia,. Partners are also responsible that training practice program is implemented, its objectives achieved and participants return very satisfied with the experience gained. In long term the results of the project will contribute popularity of Smiltene tehnikums, and the popularity of vocational education:Smiltene tehnikums - an opportunity to grow professionally innovative learning methodsprofessions in demand in a job market in Europemotivated students in the formal and non-formal education professional access to education, the recognition and comparability across Europeactive, confident, professional staff whose experience in Europe is to be added as additional valueEuropean activities and projects literate society



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