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Проект Бежанци: интеграция в действие
Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

• “The Refugee Project: Integration in Action” is a partnership between CVS- Bulgaria, he Polish association One World and the Italian Service Civil International. The project will start in September 2015 and will aim at joining efforts of two EVS volunteers, who in in one year term will work for the integration of refugee through volunteer workshops and opendoor activities, raising awareness about the problems refugees face and promoting volunteering and its power for encourage active citizenship and integrating vulnerable groups. The projects supports the core initiative of the organization: The Refugee Project (, which is implemented in partnership with Caritas Sofia since 2011 and which gathers volunteers who organize variety of lessons and workshop for the asylum seekers and refugees in the main reception centers in Sofia – Ovcha Kupel, Voenna Rampa and Vrazhdebna. EVS volunteers will be busy with different activities, which are a integral part of the success of The Refugee Project initiative: Supporting the coordinators of The Refugee Project in implementing the volunteer management cycle: recruitment, training, coordination, support and evaluation; Production of materials for training and evaluation; Keeping contact with ex-volunteers of the project and including them in the follow-up activities, if they show an interest; Upgrading the daily activities in the refugee centres; Support the working groups in the project: fundraising and events/excursions; Organizing an international workcamp or seminar; Organizing event for volunteering promotion as an instrument for the support of vulnerable groups; Organizing events which contribute to breaking stereotypes and building a positive image of the target group; Increasing knowledge and information about refugees and asylum seekers among the local community;Creating an interactive map for organization working with refugees in Bulgaria; Increasing the presence of the project in the Social media/online promotion; Production of a monthly newsletter about the volunteer activities during the project and work with media. In their work the volunteers will use various non-formal methods such as: showering, team work, self-directed work etc. In long term the project will contribute for the integration of the refugees in the local community and their empowerment, will broaden the horizon and will increase the tolerance and solidarity of the society, will encourage the active citizenship and the aspiration of more and more young people to join voluntvry activities which will build Europe such as we would like to see it in 2020.



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