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Production, Processing, Packaging, Promotion in the Territory
Date du début: 1 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

4PT promotes an analysis of SME as a traditional resource in sustainable development and employment growth. 4PT asks Education / Production to promote integrated , flexible and multifunctional Learning Modules with LOs in KSC and soft skills with ECVET points, Europass Mobility certification and validated by USR Piedmont, for easy portability and investment on professionalism, essential pre-requisite for effective job placement and social identity. 4PT is a STRUCTURED EDUCATIONAL PROJECT for COOPERATIVE WORK, knowledge-based and targeted to increase the rate of employment in micro-enterprises in the network, facilitated by EU direct and indirect funds, where Production, Processing , Packaging, Promotion promote local crafts and quality tourism. 4PT prepares an Expert in Multifactorial and Flexible Entrepreneurship who knows the partner countries socio-economic asset, production processes, market demand, employment opportunities and adopts best practices in the long-term fallout of the Project, in which OER and e-learning are supportive . The multidisciplinary nature of the beneficiaries is the value of the project: 90 students contribute to the establishment of a manufacturing / administrative SME. Mechanical , Electronic/Computer, Enogastronomy, Biology courses treat areas of ' Production ' , ' Processing ' , ' Packaging ' . Tourist, Administrative , Business Management, Socio Economic courses treat the area of ' Promotion ' . The planned activities deal with the basic idea of the Project 1.Its diffusion of it among partners and stakeholders2.Laying of Mou and LA 3.Beneficiaries’ selection 4.Beneficiaries and carers’ preparation 5.Mobility and stay organization 5.Activities in the host country (firm visits related to the professional profiles ; seminars on opportunities for micro-enterprises) 6.Internships 7.Learning Modules and relating LOs 8. Diary of Stage filling in 9.Ongoing and final evaluation 9.Meetings with SMEs back home 10.Results evaluation 11.Validation achieved through USR Piedmont 12.Dissemination. The project idea is contained in the ECVET partnership MoU with 1.a trust based relationship funded on the Quality Charter for Mobility and subject to reciprocity 2.Roles and tasks of the Partners 3. Learning Modules with structured LOs based on KSC / A and soft skills 4.a LA signed by Sending Partner/ Receiving Partner/Beneficiary. The network ensures 1.cross-fertilization 2.continuous synergy Education/Production to promote high qulity professional profiles and the widest dissemination back home (Schools from Piedmont to Sicily) and in Europe (6 partner countries ) through the use of ICT (blogs, partners' websites , facebook/ twitter groups, online media, eTwinning portal-USR Piedmont will set up a collection of data of European Projects in the Region ) and on the local and national press, with "Flavours of Italy" Accademia5T’s magazine . The impact on students is verifiable in competence 2.self-esteem 3.initiative/entrepreneurship 4.intercultural approach 5.seminars certificates 6.EUROPASS MOBILITY and ECVET points. Sending Partners fund a stable partnerships with Italian and European productive sectors and their staff acquires project management capability, capacity building and updates ECVET. Dissemination is done even beyond the funding period for a lasting impact on the different target groups: A.Firms: 1.know-how from foreign companies 2.discussion of results and possibility of realization of local micro-companies mobility internships of the beneficiaries at the stakeholders’ companies B.Schools : 1.internship abroad as part of the curricola 2.promotion of transnational mobilities 3.updating of curricula C.Families : importance of labor mobility D. Public Entities 1.diffusion of ECVET 2.initiatives for flexible and transferable trainings. The diffusion of the products will include 1.Modules of Preparation 2.analysis carried out by the beneficiaries in the companies in partner countries 3.trainees’ reports 4.Trainee’s Journal 5.brochure for business promotion in the area. The methods of dissemination will deal with 1.Class meetings/ College teachers’ meeting 2.workshops on the topic of micro-entrepreneurships 3.a concluding seminar organized by Piedmont USR 4. a public Seminar NOVI IN EUROPE; the Annual Conference MIGRANTS and SOLIDARITY and CALL OF MARCH in Recoaro. The aims of dissemination identify also areas not included in the project but that can be involved in future plannings



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