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Production Flexibility and Efficiency through Simultaneous Three Axis Turning (FlexiSTAT)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2013, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In manufacturing of industrial parts, turning is one of the most important manufacturing processes and is applied mainly by SMEs. However, until today, turning processes suffer from inflexible machine characteristics, as to mention an extreme high amount of needed tool holders and frequent tool changes caused by tool lives of > 3 minutes. In order to raise production flexibility and efficiency significantly, the proposed project FlexiSTAT is dedicated to enable the yet idle swivel axis (b-axis) in turn-/mill-centers and to integrate it as a third axis in turning operations. The consortium, assembling 11 partners from 6 EU Member States and Associated countries is well positioned along the entire value chain, including manufacturers of industrial parts, tooling and machine suppliers as well as specialized and thoroughly selected RTD performers.The overall project objective of developing a full technology package for Simultaneous Three Axis Turning will be realized by a threefold approach, combining the development of process planning, tooling-systems and machining strategies. These elements will be integrated modular into a technology package which can be easily adapted by almost all manufacturing SME, using their existing machine park. Especially SMEs will be the beneficiaries of the project results in terms of:- 30% production time and cost,- 80% tool-holders in stock,- 60% tool consumption.The exploitation of results of the project will increase the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry as well as of the technology providers. Due to the facts, that more than 35% of all cutting machines in SME industry are turning machines and that those SMEs are indispensable for e.g. automotive, energy technology, chemical industry, aviation, medical devices markets, the proposers expected to gain a high economic and societal impact by the development of innovative and sustainable manufacturing FlexiSTAT technology



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