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PRObing Using Droplets (PROUD)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Currently, there is a trend towards the use of microfluidic microdroplet based systems for all kind of applications, since it has several advantages compared to bulky systems. Some of these are the use of small volumes, prevention of dispersion, high-throughput, fast reaction times and the possibility to study at single cell level. However the analysis of these small volume microdroplets is remains a challenge. Coupling of microdroplets to a mass spectrometer gave rise to problems with e.g. contamination or is sometimes not possible at all due to high salt concentrations. To overcome these problems, our goal is to develop a robust microdroplet analysis system based on mass spectrometry for single cell analysis and analytical chemistry related applications.With our microdroplet analysis system the contents of microdroplets will be analysed, making it possible to do in-time analysis at small volumes. Furthermore we also integrate an innovative method to quantify the droplet contents by using reference droplets. Therefore our system can be used for a wide range of applications.During this project we will focus both on technical as well as commercial aspects to develop and commercialize the envisioned system. To achieve this, technical optimization of the to be developed method, as well as a thorough market and IP study will be conducted in a parallel approach. As outcome of this proof of concept project, we aim at a business plan for a new start-up company for routine droplet analysis.