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PRO PULSE + : Impulse a new generation of production schools with Erasmus+
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

PRO PULSE+ project Matching skills and labour market needs: Impulsing a new generation of production schools for providing second chance environments addressed to low skilled young and adult unemployed with Erasmus+ Everywhere in Europe, countries are facing the challenge of higher unemployment rates, which especially hit fragilized publics of youngsters (less 29) and seniors (more than 45) who have lower-qualified profile, often combined with social difficulties which may cause drop-outs and reluctance to training. In addition, Europe is suffering from a lack of sector-adapted technical competences as well as transversal job-oriented skills for a successful integration of the Labour market. In this context, alternative training, including apprenticeship or labour oriented training for young and less young adults have grown and many see in it an adapted compromise to tackle issue of unemployment. This is why interesting success model such as "Production School" have emerged and caught the attention of many actors in Europe. Developed in Denmark and implemented in different countries in EU and in the world, Production Schools (PS) have proved its efficiency in tackling the fragile situations of young dropped-out by valorising their work as employed persons in the school, thus raising confidence and will for getting trained again, and by encouraging the acquisition of transversal skills which can be valorised on the labour market. But the observation is that more people could benefit of this model as it is currently not enough developed in EU - only Denmark, Austria, Germany and France have implemented the model, whereas in Sweden and Finland the concept launched only recently. Also, production schools address a specific and narrow target group, which is turned towards youngsters, more often teenagers (e.g. 14-18 y. in France). Based on these observations, 7 organizations from Austria, France, Italy, Portugal and Turkey, supported by the French pioneer of PS in France, gathered together in order to develop the concept and methodologies at stake, and do adapt this model in their countries, directing it to 2 target groups: - low-qualified and / or drop-out youngs NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training) (16-29) - low-qualified senior / adults NEETs (45+) In order to realize this, the project can rely on a solid partnership made of organizations which are expert VET providers and sector-oriented representants in the field of work-based training and in insertion initiatives, notably for youngsters and senior adults facing exclusion situations and long term unemployment. These partners have a very good knowledge of the target groups involved and can rely on their long experience in European cooperation to successfully develop their common proposition. The PRO PULSE+ project expects the following results: 1) Country-specific researches and analysis of the Production School characteristics with the purposes to adapt the concept and methodology to the new national contexts (IT, PT, TR) and new target groups (AT, FR): - Good Practices Collection (O1) - State of the Art Transnational Report (O2) 2) Practical guidelines and tool kits for adapting the concept and methodologies in each country (IT, PT, TR, AT, FR) : - PRO PULSE+ Model (O3) 3) Pedagogical material adapted for the training staff involved in running the Production school training activities, taking in consideration sector-specific needs (IT, PT, TR, AT, FR): - PRO PULSE+ eToolbox (O4) supported by a train-the-professionals and including a phase of national testings 4) Policy recomandations guidelines to implement the PRO PULSE+model, on the basis of the activities and findings obtained within the project (IT, PT, TR, AT, FR): - PRO PULSE+ Guidelines (O5) 6) Valorisation of the PRO PULSE+ model and large dissemination of the results (IT, PT, TR, AT, FR) - supported by the PRO PULSE+ Final Conference in France (E6) -PRO PULSE+ Open Educational Resources Platform (O6) PRO PULSE+ project intends to have a large impact especially considering the strong interest shared by the consortium members and their abilities to reach a large audience, either at level of education and training actors, policy makers and final beneficiaries. The project work program strongly supports the large impact on beneficiaries: - Awareness raising to the situations of lower qualified unemployed young and seniors in EU - Development of PRO PULSE+ model of adapted production schools in 5 countries - Valorization of 2nd chance environments provided by PRO PULSE+ in EU - Creation of a large strong network of PRO PULSE+ training units promoters at EU level



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