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Prioriteetsete praktikate arendamine Tartu Katoliku Hariduskeskues
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Present project is aimed to develop the practices of high priority for Tartu Catholic Education Centre. More than ten years Tartu Catholic Education Centre has practiced the teaching of English language using the total immersion method in the lessons. Because of that the English language skills of the pupils are very good. Nevertheless some methodical practices like implementing the constructivist teaching method both into school curriculum and teacher training. In this context it is purposeful to send the teachers of English to study in authentic learning environment, where a number of different methods of active learning and using of ICT tools will be studied. Two participating teachers are the ones with skills and authority to implement new methods in the English curriculum of Tartu Catholic Education Centre. The second priority is to use integrated learning methods and in the lessons including also religious education. To develop this practices four catholic sisters, who are working in the school and kindergarten of Tartu Catholic Education Centre will be sent to to Iceland to study the use of narratives, sagas and cultural heritage in different lessons. As the sisters are the bearers and designers of the identity of Tartu Catholic Education Centre, it is of great importance that they would be the role models to all the teachers with their open attitude towards the world and different cultures and also with the knowledge of European cultural heritage. The participation would be also good for the sisters to practice their English language. The third priority of the school is to integrate different subjetcs and to implement constructivist teaching in the upper classes of the basic school. For that reason three of the basic school teachers - the leader of humanitarian section, the leader of science and maths section and the head teacher will be sent to the course in Cyprus, where they will study about teaching literary narratives, cultural heritage and nature using different methods of active learning in different lessons. As the active learning and constructive teaching reflect the relations in the society and demands high skills on social interaction, the teacher of social skills will be sent to the course where different methods of teaching communication and solving the conflicts eill be studies. There will be 10 teachers who will participate in the courses, but the beneficiaries of the project will be all the teachers of Tartu Catholic Education Centre for they will be trained by the teachers who participated in the courses abroad. The main estimated impact of the project would be the development of Tartu Catholic Education Centre to be the school that is modern, open minded school where international relationships are valued.