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Prin Erasmus +, Competente pentru un Viitor mai bun!
Date du début: 3 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 2 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“ThroughE rasmus +,Competences for a better future”Project was thought to be developed over a period of 14 months. The identified partner is CINEL-Centro de Formação Profissional da Industria Eletronica, Energia, Telecomunicações, e Tecnologias de Informação, Lisbon, Portugal. Due to the fact that our school does not have experience in managing the Erasmus + projects, we have also chosen an intermediary partner, CASA DA EDUCACAO, Lisbon, Portugal.The objectives of the project are:O1. The students’ development of the professional competences and skills in the electric fields, which is specific to the renewable energies, within an international context, as well as their recognition abroad, in terms of personal development and increased chances of professional integrationO2. The achievement and improvement of personal and social skills, of linguistic and intercultural competences in view of preparing the students for lifeO3. The improvement of the staff’s competences within VET by activities of shadowing/ observation job in institutions of teaching/ training from another country in order to use the new technologies and methods of current teaching, in the students’ professional preparation, in order to increase their performances and abilities of integration in the labour marketO4. The development of links at the international level for Colegiul Tehnic Energetic “Regele Ferdinand I”, with a view of developing the cooperation between work field and professional training. Over those 14 months, there will be organized training stages for a number of 28 students and job shadowing activities for 5 teachers.The content of the stages developed for the students, Renewable energies- solar energy is linked to the students’ field of qualification, electric and, at the same time, to a regional, national and international need of changing the way the energy and the resources are produced and used.The activity will develop in three flows:1. A1.1 flow-14 students in the 11th grade, in April 2017.2. A2. 2 flow-14 students in the 10th grade, in June 2017.The learning-related activities will be carried out by the participants: practical activities of using the components and equipments that are specific to the photovoltaic field, the measurements of the electric measures, the installation and use of photovoltaic equipments and appliances.The students will put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired in school, within the specialty modules, while executing the work tasks that are specific to the electric field and they will achieve solid skills which will allow them to install, to bring into service and to ensure the maintenance of these power plants, to allow them to get a job after graduation.Expected results:-14 students in the 11th grade, with technical general competences in Electronic Circuits;-14 students in the 10th grade, with key-competences regarding the Transition from school to labour market, Training concerning the job integration and Team work, skills regarding the exploitation of the photovoltaic energy sources.All acquired competences are recognized abroad, in order to be included in the qualification. -28 students with increased linguistic and cultural competences-28 students with Europass certificates3. A2.1 flow- 5 teaching staff members from the “Technologies” curricular area, in September 2017The approached themes focus on:- New technologies in the teaching staff’s field of specialisation- Actively participative methods in teaching the specialty culture- Good practices in using the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching/learning the specialty cultureExpected results: - 5 VET teaching staff members with new knowledge regarding the technological news from their specialty field, the student-oriented teaching methods and the good practices from other training systems, skills and competences in using the new teaching methods and the innovative teaching means, in order to make effective the teaching of the specialty culture, improved linguistic competences, the ability of working in a team, Europass certificatesDuring the project’s development, we will make sure that the activities be known by the students, teachers, parents, teaching staff, local, national and international community through dissemination activities. At the end of the mobilities, we will conduct an evaluation regarding the project’s benefits, from the students’, teachers’, school’s and local community’s points of view. We will also talk to the project team about the acquired knowledge and about applying for a new future project, as well as for counseling other teachers for the same kind of activity. With a view to accomplish the objectives scheduled in the European Development Plan, we aim at maintaining the cooperation with the current partners, by extending the Memorandum of Understanding up until the year 2020. We also pursue the achievement of new transnational partnerships.



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