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Prin Creativitate si Inovare, catre Performanta
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

To fulfill their vital role in developing and modeling new generations, teachers of all disciplines should constantly and consistently improve their knowledge and skills, in order to efficiently improve and diversify their teaching methods, to act as enablers in the learning process. The new, progress-oriented mentality of the young generation, the perpetual development of technology, the major impact of the internet and social networks on our lives require a significant change in the role of the teacher who needs to adapt to rapid changes in contemporary society, a society based on knowledge and information.We believe it is essential for our teachers to benefit from personal and professional development courses that will facilitate the acquisition of new teaching methods and strategies and formal and informal education methods currently used in the European education system.This consistent personal and professional development of our teachers will result in an undeniable enhancement of teaching strategies using student-centered teaching methods, establishing partnerships and cultural exchanges with European schools.The target group of our project, “Through Creativity and Innovation to Performance”, includes 14 teachers with different specialties, members of various local and county committees and chairs, some of them holding managerial positions within these committees. Their careful selection will be performed by a committee according to specific criteria in order to include all the curricular areas and methodological departments. The activities to be achieved through the project include professional development courses for the participating teachers and a structured course.The professional development and structured course that will benefit 14 teachers are distributed in 6 sequences in various European countries with tradition in the successful implementation in the education system of the new teaching-learning methods, activities that will contribute to acquire new teaching-learning methods and will improve their skills and abilities in using these methods in the instructive-educational process. They will also benefit from new interpersonal and professional relationships and will exchange experiences and practices. The teachers participating in the project will be offered training and support from the project team during the period leading up to the mobilities , throughout the duration of and after returning from the mobility. The impact of their participation in the proposed mobility will be made visible not only through the acquisition of new specialised knowledge, skills and abilities but also through information and experience exchanges with teachers from EU, thus generating future projects and partnerships. Moreover, the cultural exchanges, the impact of local customs and traditions will be beneficial on an individual and collective level with positive consequences on the change of mentality for all those involved. Through dissemination activities (PowerPoint presentations, projects, classes with teachers in attendance) the new teaching-learning methods and techniques will be presented and exemplified within practical activities attended by all the teachers in our college. At the same time, our highly performing teaching staff (holding a Master’s Degree or a Doctorate) will be engaged in creating textbooks, auxiliary teaching materials, participating in scientific workshops. Our students will have a wider range of extra-curricular activities to choose from (i.e. the re-introduction of Drama/Theatrical performance classes in English). There will also be a significant improvement in the material base used in our college, especially in our Science laboratories and Humanities classrooms. The results expected from the implementation of this project include the modernization of the schooling provided by our college, centering the teaching-learning process on the student’s specific needs and traits, raising students’ interest in learning and self-improvement, all these having as an end result the development of the European dimension of our College.The long term benefits generated by this project will include the development and improvement of the institutional management, the enhancement of the instructive-education system in our school, the increase of students’ interest in school, the personal and professional development of the teaching staff of our College, and raising our teachers’ interest in more active involvement in future European projects. All these benefits will contribute to the development of the European dimension of the National College “Dragos-Voda”.



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