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Prime Vocational and International Skills
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objective of Prime Vocational and International Skills project is to develop international cooperation, activities and mobility processes in Luksia according to the International Strategy. The project has two target groups: 1. Students in the vocational college and adult education institute, 2. teachers and other staff of Luksia. The project consists of 5 or 10 weeks on-the-job learning periods for students, which will be organized together with the international partners. The length of the staff mobility period is one week and the purpose is to learn, develop and update professional competencies, for example pedagogical skills or information and communication technologies user skills. The mobility periods will be organized mainly in companies, but staff training can be realized also in the partner VET secondary institutions. In that occasion, teachers have possibility to develop their pedagogical skills job shadowing or in dialogue with the European colleagues. In addition, the Prime Vocational and International Skills project aims to strengthen long-lasting and reciprocal cooperation with the named project partners. There are in total 90 student mobility periods and 19 staff mobility periods in the project. The participants for the mobility periods will be selected equally from different professional fields. The partner organizations have been chosen according to the International Strategy from the neighbouring regions, which include Estonia and Sweden, and from other significant European countries such as Germany, Spain and United Kingdom. In addition, there is a partner organization from Slovenia, Vocational College for Catering and Tourism Bled, and a new, multidisciplinary partner from the Netherlands. As a result of the project, students have better qualifications to work in the multicultural and international environment. Students' on-the-job learning periods will be usually in small and medium sized companies, which gives possibility to learn entrepreneurship skills. Prime Vocational and International Skills project is based on Luksia's main development plans and it has impact on staff work motivation and well-being as well as competence and pedagogical skills development. This leads to education quality improvement which eventually improves students’ motivation. The project has positive impact on language skills and confidence to work in new environment both for students and staff members. Every participant has to disseminate experiences at least inside the professional study field so that the knowledge of the international experiences and new competencies can be utilized in future. The longer term benefit is that students with international skills can enhance the competitiveness of the local business. Students with the international mobility experiences have also better employment possibilities. In conclusion, big steps are taken to the international Luksia, where students graduate with Prime Vocational and International Skills.



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