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Приложение на професионалните компетентности в бизнеса
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

20 students aged 17-19 years /11 and 12 degree/ of profession System programmer and profession Computer graphic from Model High School Academician Kirill Popov will take part in the project Applying professional competences in a real business. The project will improve the practical training of our students for real European conditions of business environment, it will enhance their suitability for employment, their professional sensitivity as self-esteem and initiative to the labour market at the national and European dimension. We find this as one of the best reactions to the problem of unemployment among young people at home and in Europe. Implementation of mobility overcomes the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge and innovations in IT through participation in real business processes. The objectives of our project are: 1. Increased effectiveness of practical training of students in professions System programmer and Computer graphic by their support for the acquisition of working in a real working environment of Great Britain applied competences; 2. Improved prospects for suitability and professional development of our students for the national and European labour market; 3. Improvement of foreign language competences of our students in terms of the actual working environment through utilization of professional language skills for communication and cooperation in solving daily professional problems; 4. Improved institutional capacity of Model High School of Mathematics Academician. Kiril Popov to optimize the management system of vocational education. The main activities of the project are: A. Before mobility: Selection of students for participation in the project; Conducting linguistic, cultural and pedagogical training; Conclusion of contracts and clarification of the tasks. B. During mobility: Accomplishment of mobility in Plymouth, England from 27th March 2016 to 09th April 2016; Management, control and reporting of students ' mobilities. C. After mobility: Evaluation of the realized mobilities. Validation of acquired competences of students; Dissemination of the results of project; Reporting on the project. The used methodology is practical expressed: a) real involvement of students from profession System programmer in the creation and use of a specialized system and applied software - from an idea to create a product by customer demands to participation through their own design solution of business task; b) improving of students’ skills from profession Computer graphic through their involvement in business process of design by the employer in the direction Web design and Graphic design; c) team working of students doing different tasks, predefined by the employer, which as a form are integrated into a technological (including team structure) work of the company. Overall methodology involves the inclusion of design principle in the real business process through individual and group tasks. The project Applying professional competences in a real business set up in the students from profession System programmer and profession Computer graphic from Model High School of Mathematics Academician Kirill Popov applied competences for innovative solutions with software applications and technologies in the technological process of the company. The long term benefits of this project are: 1) Creation of a sustainable process in achieving a high quality of known professional knowledge and skills and formation of the applied competences for our future graduates; 2) Conducting consistent policy at Model High School of Mathematics on introduction of modern professional-educational technologies, transfer of good European educational practices and effective language- and market-oriented vocational training in accordance with the rapidly changing needs of the national and the European business environment; 3) Successful career development of faculty members for creating increased capacity through cooperation with institutions and professionals in the EU; 4) Enhancing the institutional capacity of the school through active cooperation with European partners and leading institutions in the field of vocational education. The project will be realized in Plovdiv, Bulgarian and Tellus Group, Plymouth, UK. It will be realized between 01th September 2015 and 31st August 2016.



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