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Date du début: 14 août 2015, Date de fin: 13 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main themes of the project are youth leisure, education through sport and outdoor activities and EU citizenschip and awarness. The goals of the projects are to offer meaningful utilization of free time of young people and to increase European awareness in different regions and social groups among young people in Slovakia. The duration of the project when the EVS volunteers are in our organization is 24 months. In the project the volunteers will have space to create and realise their own projects what will help in converging of Europe and their citizens. The project will be realized in three levels. The first level is the local level (town Púchov). There will be organised a conversation course for citizens of Púchov and there will arise participation in local activities of the local community. These can happen through dialogues, games, songs, presentations, etc. This will be connected with realisation of international European meetings. The second level is the regional level which involves the town Púchov (20.000 citizens), village Záriečie (800 citizens), village Lazy pod Makytou (1.400), Považská Bystrica (42.000 citizens) and others. Here will be concentration on cooperation on regional youth projects, sports, music and educational activities, as well as there will be the opportunity for volunteers to participate in the local activities in these towns and villages (depending on the skills of the volunteers). In these towns and villages there will be organised also some international European meetings that will increase European awareness and the programme Erazmus +. The volunteers will participate in realization of different youth meetings (many of them are in small villages) in the area from Myjava region to Martin region where they will inter alia present their EVS service. The third level is the national level that includes for example projects Helping Hand (based on outdoor activities and experiencing of pedagogic supporting of a healthy life style) and Semfest (national youth open-air festival) where above mentioned focuses will be integrated in different ways. The third level is the national level that includes national projects like Helping Hand, Meet God, Semfest orSport olympiade, where there will be space to integrate above mentioned focuses.



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