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Prevention of Violence against Women
Date du début: 4 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 3 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Prevention of Violence against Women was motivated by the existence of violence against women and by the fact that the concept of violence has become normalised in people’s perception. In order to contribute to the prevention of violence against women, this project is planned by WRAP, an informal group gathered to deal with the problems of women. Based on the idea that the problem of violence against women can be solved just by the revolution of mentality, the project intends to let participants reach new horizons by means of exchanging ideas and best practices on prevention of violence against women. Accordingly, the project aims to raise the awareness of youth workers about the importance of this issue and equip them with necessary competences to prevent all forms of violence against women through relevant good practices.For this purpose, this project brings together 28 youth workers from youth organizations working on violence against women for a study visit to be organised in Ankara, Turkey between 9 and 14 October 2016. The participating youth workers from Bulgaria, Croatia, Jordan, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the UK are already engaged in various activities related to the topic, and they are willing to actively use and disseminate the outputs of the project. The participants will have the chance to see various practices related to the topic in major governmental and non-governmental organizations in Turkey. They will be engaged in exchange of experience and knowledge throughout the study visit, which will also include a participatory learning approach. They will also have a better understanding of the issue through non-formal educational activities. The project intends to be an inspiration for any kind of activity, particularly contribution to policy development process on the topic by the dissemination of the project results.In conclusion, by means of educating the young generation, changing their mentality in terms of gender equity, raising awareness on combating against gender-based segregation and disseminating those activities on international level, an emphasis will be made on preventability of violence. This will lead to the break of vicious cycle of vulnerability of women. When patriarchy in minds is eliminated, women will be empowered and equality will be on stage.



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