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Preparing 2016… Objective Donostia-San Sebastian. European Capital of Culture
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

KAEBNAI introduced 3 new and ambitious milestones of activities under one main project called "Preparing 2016… Objective Donostia-San Sebastian. European Capital of Culture.". The project activities were organized during 2014 and 2015. Including two seminars (one contact making and one exchange of best practices) and EVS project, hosting 9 volunteers from different countries each. The main objective of this project was to bring together youth workers and other experienced youth from across Europe to share best practices in the field of EVS, network and plan future EVS projects. Besides other general objectives it was: To learn about EVS in the new Erasmus + program; Find new contacts and strengthen partnerships between EU countries; Share best practices related to sending and hosting EVS; Increase awareness of European Citizenship and its benefits within a framework of the project. This is a long term project with many partners inside, it was structured in three key stages that correspond to each of the activities of this project. - A1: Seminar - "Contact making event for EVS", 22-26 November 2014, with a duration of five days of activity, with all 24 partners from 23 EU countries, participated at least 2 people per country and a total participation of 50 people. The activity aimed to bring together organizations and youth workers agents with experience in EVS. It had a mediating role between all organizations represented and helped make contacts and plan future joint collaborations in the steps of giving meaning and coherence of this project process. - A2: Seminar - "Sharing Good Practices in hosting EVS" 10-17 December 2014, with a duration of 8 days of activity the second stage of this project development. This time, only 1 or 2 people attended from each of the same 24 partners from 23 EU countries. Making a total of 36 participants. This activity was organized in order to collect the best ideas and proposals to develop together a guide of good practices for hosting EVS volunteers within this project. The participating countries had sent experienced participants: coordinators, mentors, former or up coming EVS volunteers that could share a valuable knowledge around the topic. The tool (user guide) developed in this seminar was directly connected with the third phase of the project giving more meaning to it. - A3: hosting 9 EVS - "European Volunteer Revolution II", for 6 months, from February 1 to July 31, 2015, nine young people from different countries, one volunteer from each country. In this case, it was chosen 9 partners out of those 24 from A1 and A2 as EVS promoters . This activity represented the final event of the previous two seminars. The accumulated experience and knowledge in the seminars were a key tool for the qualitative implementation of the final project. The ultimate purpose of this approach has been to ensure quality of the EVS project and the strengthening of alliances between partners. The main local impact has been the EVS activity within 6 months. It has been organized in order to support the city of San Sebastian for preparation of 2016, causing a reasonable "revolution" itself among the local society. The EVS volunteers have also received benefits as: social and civic competences, entrepreneurship and initiative-taking, learning to learn and cultural awareness. The local community has benefited from the additional activities and non-formal learning opportunities. Both the volunteers and local youth and other community workers have been key elements for sustainable effects such as: breaking stereotypes, new and deeper understanding of the concept of European citizenship, methodologies and tools for working with young people and the inclusive venture, the effects were maintained and will be developed in future projects.



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