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Prendre la vie comme un sport
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Nowadays, communalism and isolationism and its society that is increasingly larger. Through Solidarity Mediterranean Trails (PSM), Delphine, Youth-worker in the youth center of "Foyer des Jeunes des Marolles" in Brussels and Pierre-Arnaud, sports coordinator of the House for All Cart / Joliette in Marseille are related to setting up a Youth Exchange. By sensibility and work of everyone around the sports tool, we decided to have as main theme the sports tool. Sport has become in our society a means of socialization and integration.This exchange will be realized with a go and back. Brussels to Marseille. To do this, a group of 8 to 9 young aged between 18 and 23 years will be involved in this exchange. Young people are come from the immigrantion is one and the same route constraint problem of employment and training, social connection problem ...The objectives of this exchange:- The development of contacts and exchanges between young practitioners of sports and outdoor youth in a perspective of discovery, acceptance and mutual enrichment;- Promotion of citizen behavior, prevention of violence, respect for the rule;- Accountability and youth engagement;- Prevention of homophobia, work on gender, tolerance, disability and acceptance of difference;- Health, addressed not only in terms of the contribution that sport makes to the maintenance of good health, but also the prevention of risky behaviors;The preparatory visit will be realized at the beginning of May. The aim of this preparatory visit will be visiting places where activities take place part of the exchange. In addition, it will be about the logistics of organizing the exchange with the validation of programs of activities, discussions on the expectations and objectives of the project, the reservation of accommodation, transport. take into account the evaluation criteria.The activities A2 - A3 (exchange Brussels - Exchange Marseille) take into account the sports activities that young people do not usually practice. Therefore sport is part of a mission of education, in response to a social need: to educate young people, to participate in the reintegration of marginalized public ... It must be said that sport is not educational in itself, it involves being integrated in an educational project. The educational approach is to make the sport accessible to all, to fight against the trivialisation and generalization of doping, cheating and violence in sport, to give an educational and social function to sport and make a vector social insertion.So let's enjoy many specific sports. Team sports that we will realize prone to develop contact, cooperation between young people. Each activities are subject to rules which can promote societal rules and "good" citizen. For new activities such as sea activities, but also the discovery and cultural heritage of the city, young people will learn from each other and develop the spirit of solidarity, openness (accept the social, cultural, physical ... ), the ability to listen, exchange and sharing.For all sports, we will rely on graduate sports instructors who will explain the benefits of their activities but also their course and what sport brought them in life. The link between sport and health will be carried out by health care professionals (nurses ...) by performing diabetes tests to analyze the benefits of sport on health.The impact of this project is multiple. The development of participants and the potential openness of our society is important Moreover, the acceptance of the other, differences, and the vision of the effort that is made during a sports activity must transcribe on work. For the action of partner organizations, it is important to make the link with the local residents to also bring an open mind about another culture and why raise inspire other youth to go through ERASMUS +. If young people understand that important to live in a healthy body and a healthy mind it will only be beneficial for the rest of their lives. Participants will be the actors and witnesses of European citizenship. Access to another country, another culture is achievable by all thanks to devices like ERASMUS + and young participants must be the voice.After this exchange, he would be interested to analyze the lifestyle of participants and see if there is a transformation of their way of life and a change in their lifestyle.



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