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Preliminary meeting to establish EVS cooperation
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project backgroundOur work at Youth Art Workshop is centred on finding suitable study and employment options for unemployed youth of Jyväskylä. We are applying for a preliminary meetings for partnering with German and Hungarian TAHOT. Our aim is to have EVS as a permanent part of our operation, by acting as a sending organisation. Through EVS we seek to provide unemployed youth and youth with special care needs an opportunity for working in international exchange program and gaining valuable work experience. Through EVS the participants’ multicultural knowledge and intercultural understanding is bolstered. The radicalisation of youth is also lessened through EVS experience. Youth workers’ mobility project seeks to create long-lasting and working partnerships with the receiving partners. Staff mobility in the partner counties and the EVS activity are important part of producing a multicultural workshop in the Youth Art Workshop. The goal of the project is to apply for a biennial EVS application by 4.10.2016. The first exchange youth would leave for Jüchen, Germany and Debrecen, Hungary in the spring of 2017. During the preliminary meetings we will finalise the EVS application in collaboration with the receiving partners and also agree on practical arrangements and common practises regarding the exchanges. EVS process in Youth Art Workshop1. During the preliminary meetings the Youth Art Workshop staff will establish well functioning relations with the partner organisations, make preparations for the biennial EVS+ application together with the partner organisations and gain sufficient knowledge and know-how to guide unemployed youth from the workshop to the receiving organisations.2. The participating youth will choose a receiving partner of their choice and apply for a month-long exchange training at Youth Art Workshop.3. Preparing youth before the EVS may include voluntary work and visits in the Multicultural Centre Gloria and Reception Centers, language buddy activity and conversation groups (i.e. french, english, spanish and german), observing and understanding cultural codes, values, world wievs and motives while taking part in the activities of Multicultural Center Gloria. Preparations also include practical arrangements and discussions with other youth who have taken action in international voluntary work.4. During the exchange period, the Youth Art Workshop staff will actively keep contact both with the youth and the receiving partners.5. Upon returning from the exchange the youth will take part in a month-long return training. After completing the whole process the participants can act as peer consultants and role models for the other youth in Youth Art Workshop. The five members of EVS team in Youth Art Worshop will travel for the preliminary meetings. We seek to start collaboration with two to four receiving partners, one in Germany and one to three in Hungary. Between two and five youth will leave for exchange in the spring of 2017. We will send out a total of ten exchange youth during the two year project. Our goal is to establish EVS action as a enduring part of Youth Art Workshop activity.



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