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Pregatirea la standarde europene a specialistilor in domeniul calculatoarelor
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The " Preparing IT experts at the European standards” answers the specific needs of students to have experience in a real work environment of IT , in laboratories equipped with high performance computers, using advanced software versions, to get in contact with specialists with a high level of knowledge and information, to observe the patterns of organization of a company in order to develop their entrepreneurial skills, to shape the young leaders , best specialists and communicating in foreign languages . The participants in the project are 50 students of the College " Stefan Odobleja " Craiova, Romania , which will make tree week of training placement in an IT company , Lazarou CTC, from Paphos , Cyprus, the two flows : Flow I, May 18-June 7, 2015 : a group of 25 students of grade XI, technological chain , technical profile , the electronics automation domain , Level 3 qualification as Technician computer operator; Flow II , 9 to 28 June 2015 : 25 students of classes XI of mathematics and computer science , who are preparing to take the exam for certification of professional skills specific to Programmer Analyst qualification . The project aims to develop the professional skills of the 50 participants needed for a professional with medium level of qualification in IT, able to integrate in the companies in Romania and Europe. During the 90 hours of practical activity, participants will develop, under the guidance of tutors, the skills and specific competencies of working with hardware and software, with data storage media , computer networks , information and communication media . The project will result a better preparation of the 50 participants for the smoot transition from school to work by developing professional skills , organizational and entrepreneurial , a proactive attitude and the ability to identify opportunities for personal, professional or business. Tutors will assess by practical test the competencies formed or developed by each participant during the training period and will record them in the Europass Mobility Document , which will be issued to each participant. Participants will develop their language skills and intercultural communication, the use of English in professional communication that will enhance their ability of adaptation to a new socio-cultural environment. The results of the project, brochure, programs and products developed will be available on the project blog and Erasmus platform. The project will increase the quality and attractiveness of education and initial training by adapting training requirements to the IT labor market through the development and diversification of training, leading to increasing market insertion regional, national and European graduates. In the long term, the project results will be used by the transfer of best practices in the training and further European cooperation in new projects.



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