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Praxis an österreichischen Auslandsschulen, Österreichisches Gymnasium Prag
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Gaining Experience in Austrian foreign schools - Austrian School in Prague (Gymnasium) Project background: Mr. Kradjel (ibc-Hetzendorf) applied for a short-term experience in an Austrian foreign school and was chosen by the Ministry of Education for a co-operation with the Austrian School in Prague Project goals: 1) Internationalisation of ibc-Hetzendorf 2) Staying abroad as a big motivation for the concerned teacher (Mr. Kradjel) 3) Exchange of experience on organisational and pedagogic level as input for both participating schools Number of participants: one person (Mag. Nikolaus Kradjel) Profile of the participating person: Mr. Kradjel is working since 2002 as a teacher in vocational education (HAK, HAK-B, College) and since 2003 for Ibc-Hetzendorf. Since 2006 he works as counsellor of education and andragogy in the middle-management of the Ibc-Hetzendorf. Description of activities: 1) Advanced Training: Introduction into the situation in the Austrian School in Prague, Introduction into Czech school system and Czech everyday-life. 2) Teaching: Teaching of several lessons in co-ordination with teachers in Prague 3) Discussions and exchanging experiences with Austrian and Czech colleagues, working in an intercultural environment 4) Job shadowing on organisational and pedagogic basis 5) Input for the foreign school: workshops for students and teachers 6) Visit of further pedagogic institutions Methods for realisation of the project 1) Lecture 2) Preparation of teaching lessons 3) Informal talks 4) Exchanging experience with director and school-administration 5) Organisation of a workshop 6) Visit of pedagogic institutions Intended results, outcome and long-term benefit The project will have very positive results in several concern, as it is of high motivation for the participating teacher, Mr. Kradjel. The experiences, gained abroad will participate positively to everyday teaching in home school (especially in classes with a lot of migration background). The experiences of organisational and pedagogic job shadowing, as well as discussions with teachers, working in an Austrian Foreign School will widen the horizon and provide positive return on knowledge and experience for the home school.



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