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Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will provide our students the opportunity to complete their mandatory practice abroad. The project is based on cooperation of sending organization Vocational School for Administration of the European Union, Prague with 3 foreign intermediary partners - Career Training Internships (Cork, Ireland), The IBD Partnership (Portsmouth, UK) and Placements Praktika (UK ) Ltd (Birmingham, UK). Project is prepared for students of the third years of our school who are studying four years graduation educational programs Operation of diplomatic services and Legal administration. Foreign practice will last four weeks and will take place in May 2015. Within the project we want to send 30 participants abroad (20 participants to the UK 10 participants to Ireland). There will be 3 runs of internships- in Portsmouth, Birmingham and Cork. For each run one accompanying person will be present at the beginning of the internship. The aim of the project is to improve the quality of professional practice of students of the 3rd school year. Participant will improve their language skills as well as professional skills. This increases their value in the labor market. The project will bring participants certified practice from abroad, will allow them to link the school theory with practice. Participants will acquire new expertise and skills in the field of administration, become familiar with the labor market abroad, the organization and management of foreign enterprises and authorities. Participants will acquire work habits and integrate into the working team. Internship also deepens the social skills of participants (meeting with colleagues, clients, teamwork).Participants will make progress in the professional and colloquial English and develop their independence and integrity. The project is also important for the sending organization, because it will establish cooperation with foreign partners. This will further increase the level of education and will enhance the prestige and attractiveness of the school. The project also verifies the use of European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training ECVET. Participants will gain experience in English and Irish companies and offices in administrative positions. According to a particular place of internship, participants will learn to operate office equipment, become familiar with various software applications, administrative procedures, they will be in personal contact with clients, colleagues, become familiar with local legislation, organization of public administrative etc. Participants will gain greater insight in their field of study and internship will allow them to enter to the labor market easily. According to the focus of our school on foreign relations, internship abroad will provide participants invaluable experience in the field of social and intercultural skills and bring them knowledge about the local work environment and mentality. The internship will help to deepen their professional qualifications. The project will fill the need of participants to make further progress in English, which is one of the most important subjects of their study. Students also gain new life experiences. Internship will motivate participants to further professional growth and enhance their mobility in the labor market in the EU . The tangible outputs the project will be particularly Europass Mobility, certificates of participants from partners and photo documentation of internships. Most important outputs will be intangible. Participants will increase their professional qualifications and skill level, gain new social skills, develop personality and will be better prepared to enter the European labor market. The project corresponds to the requirements of the public sector in Prague, where demand for highly qualified applicants from administrative schools who have very good knowledge of English is. Given the focus of students on the operation of diplomatic services and legal administration project will improve the quality of labor force for public administration. We support the preparation of project participants be able to represent the Czech Republic at the international level. Sending organizations establish cooperation with foreign partners and will be able to put its education into the European framework. We will use the experience and knowledge from abroad to improve the quality of education and make learning at school more attractive. We will use acquired experience and contacts in our work on other projects in the future.



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