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Praktyki zawodowe - szansą na lepsze jutro
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project „Professional practice – opportunity for better tomorrow” is designed for 96 students of technical classes and 12 vocational and English teachers of Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych nr 2 im. Tadeusza Kościuszki located on 1-go Sierpnia 26 Street, in Stalowa Wola, Podkarpacie Province. For participation in activities of mobility concerning education and vocational sector we will choose students learning in the following classes: Construction Engineering, Logistics, Airport and Air Terminal Service, Sanitary Devices, Renewable Energy Sources, Building and Land Surveyor, Roads and Highways Construction, Clothes Designing, Digital Art and Computer Graphics. The main objective of the project is practical development of vocational competence focused on preparation for requirements of regional and European market, including innovative specialties, acquiring work experience in a new environment, improving quality of working on different posts and getting around on international labour market. Together with Spanish consulting-training company euroMIND in time from 01.06.2015 to 01.06.2017 we will organise 6 tours for 16 students and 2 minders each for internships to foreign partners in Spain – to schools and companies in Seville and Udeba. Detailed schedule of stay in Spain, time of professional practices, accommodation and rules of signing required documents were agreed by email. The programs of professional practices prepared with agreement of international partners include basic needs of students which are connected with gaining qualifications. Those programs are compatible with core curriculum and include crucial information for realization of main goals, which are to gain success by the student and be useful in the future work. Spanish partners are formally competent to evaluate effects of students’ work which enables official certification. This will allow to transfer skills, competence and knowledge gained abroad to their own country and mark professional practice after complementing the lacking number of hours. During the internship participants will be able to do tasks connected with their occupation which they could not do in Poland. Crucial aspect of the project will be improving language skills, learning culture and traditions of the region and the country and meeting people who may become long-time acquaintances. The participants of the project will be acquainted with the main goal of the program Erasmus + KA1, which is assurance of easier acknowledgement of skills and qualifications in each of the European countries and abroad. This will enable quick reactions to new phenomenon such as internationalisation of education, more common use of digital educational tools and support of creating flexible paths of education complement with the needs and goals of people learning all their lives. After being recruited according to the regulations the students will be acquainted with the schedule of the professional practice, expected effects and the ways of gaining certificates. During additional classes of English they will revise vocational vocabulary and communication skills. There will be meetings concerning: basic Spanish, Spain, the ways of writing CV, letters of application, good preparation to job interviews and concerning safe stay abroad. The project will influence attractiveness of our school’s educational offer and direct us to intensive cooperation with European Institutions. . The participation of vocational teachers as minders in practices and training abroad will improve the quality of education and enhance the teaching methods used by them in the process of tuition. . Moreover , project participants will have a chance to realize how important the necessity of improving professional skills is. The work practice in Spain will affect the growth of their skills and knowledge. It will also enable graduates to find a job in the field of their profession both on the Polish and European markets more easily. The partner institution will gain and broaden the experience of working with young people, in coordinating projects, and will obtain a new partner. What is more, the participation of students in a project abroad will have a big impact on the growth of interest in the attractiveness of educational offer of the school. Direct participation in the abroad internship will strengthen the sense of belonging to the European Union. Participants will acquire self-confidence, establish contacts with their peers, will definitely become more open-minded and self-reliant. The project meets the needs of increasing the mobility of young people to EU countries, supports professional and social young persons’ activity, promote the learning of foreign languages as an integral part in the process of training and personal development.


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