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Praktyki zagraniczne szansą rozwoju zawodowego młodzieży i dorosłych w Zespole Szkół Ekonomicznych w Starogardzie Gdańskim
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project entitled "Foreign Practices as an opportunity for professional development of young people and adults in the Economic Secondary School" includes the implementation of vocational training in Spain and Portugal in the period from 2015 to 2017. There are planned trips for students in the profession of tourist services technician: Group I -16-person for eight weeks and Group II - 16 person for six weeks, two 10-person groups in the profession of information technology technician for two weeks, and two groups of Post-Secondary School in the profession of administration technician. Group I – 5 people, group II - 10 people for two weeks. There has been planned teachers’ training (Job Shadowing) within general activities of vocational training in tourism, administration, and IT enterprises. Internship for tourist service technician students will be held in hotels in Mallorca, and internships for administration and IT technician students will take place in enterprises in Lisbon. Each youth group will be supervised by teachers. An important element of the project is the training of teaching staff - Job Shadowing. The aim of the project is to acquire professional experience of students through the implementation of vocational practices abroad, which will allow young people and adults to function better on the labour market. Training for teachers in vocational education in the field of tourism, information technology and administration will be based on supporting employees of companies and service units in their daily work, and to exchange good practices, to acquire skills and knowledge through active observation. There is a planned trip schedule for teachers within training Job Shadowing, i.e. - 2 teachers of tourist service technician profession within September 2015 and August 2016 for one week. - 2 teachers of IT profession within September 2015 and August 2016 for one week. - 2 teachers of administration technician profession within October 2015 to October 2016 for two weeks. The project includes the following activities: 1. Publication of the information on website about an organization of vocational internships for young people in the professions: tourist services and information technology technician and for adults in the profession of administration technician, information for teachers through electronic register. 2. Appointing by the School Headmaster project teams to implement projects in three professions: tourist services, information technology and administration technician – internships and training. 3. Preparing regulations to recruit students and teachers for the project. 4. Conducting recruitment, publishing participants’ lists for practices and training in the individual professions. 5. Organizing the meeting with the project participants and parents of Technical youth. 6. Organization of preparation classes for departure in terms of language training, culture, and pedagogical training for students, learners and teachers. 7. Preparation of internship programs for students and trainings for teachers, taking into account the specific nature of each profession. 8. Developing tools to carry out the evaluation of the preparatory stage of the project, the project implementation and after its completion. 9. Planning: - Monitoring progress of the project in relation to the vocational internship of youth and adults and improving staff / Job Shadowing. - Monitoring visits of students’ internships and adults with the participation of the leading authority. - Ways to promote actions resulting from the project. Expected results: getting to know foreign tourism, administrative and information technology industries by students and teachers, improving professional and language skills of teachers and students, learning Spanish and Portugal cultures, increasing self-confidence and self-reliance by the project participants, an ability for students and teachers to work in an international team, handling new and difficult situations, obtaining certificates, gaining practical experience by teachers, using innovative solutions for teaching vocational subjects, improving teachers’ preparation workshop, methods, equipment used in tourist services, IT and administration technician, better academic performance. Long-term benefits: opportunities to acquire attractive job offers by project participants, gaining courage and freedom to move on the European labour market, promoting school in the local community by expanding educational offer with foreign vocational internships in Mallorca and Lisbon, higher quality of vocational training. Teachers will become experienced and competent to share their experience, the school prestige will increase in the local community and among junior high school students making the choice to continue their education in secondary school.



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