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Praktyki zagraniczne szansą na zwiększenie potencjału na rynku pracy słuchaczy Zespołu Szkół Medycznych w Brzegu
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project titled "Practice abroad an opportunity to increase capacity in the labor market team listeners Medical Schools in the Bank" implies the participation of 55 persons in 4 week internships abroad: in November 2016 - 30 people, and in April 2017 years - 25 people from Medical School in Brzeg.The internships will be scheduled in the following groups:I group - 30 people:- Techniques of cosmetic services - 5 people - Bologna, Italy- Techniques the masseur -5 people - Bologna, Italy- Babysitter - 5 people - Berlin, Germany- Medical guardian - 10 people, Berlin, Germany- Dental hygienist - 5 persons, Belfast, United KingdomThe second group - 25 students: - Techniques of cosmetic services - 5 people - Bologna, Italy- Techniques the masseur -5 people- Bologna, Italy- Medical guardian - 5 persons, Berlin, Germany- Dental hygienist - 5 persons, Belfast, United Kingdom- pharmacy technician - 5 persons, Belfast, United KingdomThe main objective of the project is to enchance students development, giving them opportunity to acquire new professional skills and increase their employability through skill development cooperation and skilful move on the international market, together with raising the practical level of their profession.Specific objectives of this project are:a) to increase practical work experience (in the direction of education)b) to increase knowledge of best practices and techniques for working in the profession, operating in foreign companies and institutions.c) to increase language skills (English and German), customer service overseas and cooperation in an internationald) to increase intercultural competence (in particular the cooperation in a team and relationships in the workplace)e) to increase independence and mobility (openness to new environment, ability to function under different conditions)f) to develop entrepreneurship and creativity (including learning services markets in the host countriesThe project involves the preparation, implementation and evaluation phases, including a workshop on the skills gained from mobility planning for further professional development.The project aims to support education of the teachers in various professions in the medical field, to let them learn new skills and get some experience in the mobiliti abroad, which will be useful for regional labor market and used in the activities of local businesses and institutions.



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