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Praktyki w Niemczech jako poszerzenie zakresu umiejętności zawodowych technika budownictwa i technika logistyka
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will involve 32 students (two groups of 16 students) of Complex of Technical Secondary Schools (ZST) in Toruń. Students are educated as construction technicians and logistics technicians (uniformed services). They will take 3-week internships (group 1: 10. July 2015 - 30. July 2016, group 2: 31. July 2015 - 20. August 2015) in selected plants of the German partner institution: Vitalis Betreuungsgesellschaft für Modellprojekte GmbH company. In the case of students of construction classes, the scope of internship will cover construction company logistics along with modern construction techniques and technologies of finishing works using specialised equipment. During the internship, students will become acquainted with the German system of work organisation, innovative construction materials and new construction techniques (e.g., restoration of historic buildings with modern construction equipment). Moreover, during the internship they will improve the quality in terms of the formwork, timber constructions and ceramic floors, as well as learn new techniques and technologies used in construction and development of buildings. During the internship, students will also familiarise themselves with the organisation of the construction site as well as the technical infrastructure of teams and crews of workers and equipment related to finishing works posts. What is more, they will step through preparatory works for the planned investment along with system continuity of the different stages and sections of work. In the case of students of logistics classes, the scope of internship will cover the practical application of the principles of logistics, inventory management and warehouse management principles, ability to prepare material supply in the enterprise, an analysis of the stocks usage within a company, the choice of means of transport for the ongoing task, the selection of packaging units and preparation of goods for distribution, completion of quotes for logistics services, logistics cost analysis, organisation of public transport services, organisation and implementation of recycling services. They will also have the opportunity to learn about the implementation of forwarding and logistics services in the German Armed Forces - the Bundeswehr. Parallel to the vocational training, students will have an opportunity to improve their German and English for special purposes languages related to the construction industry and logistics. The program provides also cultural integration activities. Participation in the project will also provide an opportunity to develop students’ spirit of entrepreneurship and self-reliance in pursuit of their personal goals. It will also evolve students' ability to interact in a group of people of various nationalities. The experience gained in the implementation of the project will be used by the school and Practical Training Centre in improving training programs at home. As an outcome of the project, students will become more attractive to potential employers. The youth will prepare end-of-internship reports, which will document the course of the internship and will be used for project evaluation. The project participants will receive the appropriate certificates issued by companies and the Europass Mobility certificate.



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