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Praktyka zagraniczna - lepszy start w przyszłość
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project " Foreign practice - a better start in the future" is directed to 2nd and 3rd grade students of Technical and Services Educational School Complex in Będzin. The students are educated in profiles: Technician of Touristic Services, Technician of Civil Engineering, Catering Tehnologies Technician, ELectrician Technician, Technician of Motor Vehicles Engineering, Hairdressing Technician, IT Technician. Training Vision Ltd and Sistema Tourismo S.R.L have been chosen as partners to the project. The project includes four groups of students (52 participants) in the period of two years and consists of seven professional groups (all educational profiles in Technical and Educational School Complex). Each group will take part in a four week training. Participants going to Great Britain will take part in a language course - 30 hours (each group). The course will also include English for specific purposes. participants going to Italy will take part in language course of Italian (50 hours each group). Project Team has been appointed the members of which are: vocational teachers, language teachers and school councellor. The project team dealt with preparing all the necessary documentation including the training programme (see annex no.2) - it has been drawn in cooperation with our partners, Memoranda of Understanding (see annex no 3)- also drawn in cooperation with our partners. The main objective of the project is to support vocational training to gain and use knowledge, skills, competences which enable personal development, to increase opportunities for our students on the job market, to be more active on the European job market. The effect of these actions will be the opportunity to find employment not only on our domestic but also international job market. During training our students will gain subject-matter knowledge and gain professional experience. The training is an integral part of vocational training. The objectives of the project: 1. Raising the attractiveness and quality of vocational training and vocational schools 2. Increasing mobility of students 3. Acquiring higher level of vocational competences 4. Acquiring skills of team work 5. Learning foreign culture, customs 6. Acquiring higher level of language competences 7. Increasing self-esteem The basic effect will be obtaining Europass Mobility Certificate and ECVET Certificate. Moreover, extra classes with school councellor and Geography teacher will be organized for all students going abroad. During the whole period of the project, information about its progress will be spread in the local press, on the schools`s website and authorities` website. The ideas of Erasmus Plus will be spread in the same way. After our students come back we shall organise meetings of participants, tutors, the Principal, parents and local authorities to sum up the project. The Technical and Services Educational School Complex will also provide the logistics and during the project will perform monitoring and evaluation. All these actions are taken to raise the prestige of our school. In the future our organization would like to increase mobility of not only students but also training staff. The project places itself in the development startegy of our county and school. The ideas of Erasmus Plus will be spread in the local area by participants and our organization. The objective of the project is to help educate fully independent, self-confident , open to the world young man who will be competitive on the job market.



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