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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is aimed at the first and second grade students of Technical High School in Rybnik. They study the following profiles: an electrician, a mechanic, an energeticist, an electronics engineer, an information technology engineer and digital graphic design engineer. Unfortunately, the fact that companies move their headquarters to different cities, it has become difficult to provide the students with appropriate training. Erasmus also emphasises investing in the improvement of educational background and the development of cooperation between educational institutions and employers in the region, country and Europe. In 2016 - 36 students and in 2017 - 38 students of the profiles named above will serve a 4 - week internship in companies in order to prepare for their future jobs.In comparison to 2014 unemployment decreased slightly. In order to prepare our students for the requirements of the labour market, regional and European, it is necessary to enhance their key competences: technological, ICT, social and citizenship skills, language skills, the ability to learn in mobility conditions and to cooperate with organisations creating possibilities of their employment in Europe. To make our students’ abilities more valuable and attractive for potential employers we plan to realize this project.Vocational needs of the students diagnosed by the teachers and potential employers (eg. The knowledge of modern technology, the acquisition of experience, skilled use of technical English) shall be met through organising a month’ vocational training by our intermediary partner Berlink and Europroyectos Leonardo da Vinci. The companies are experienced organisers of IVT mobilities, who are able to place our students with adequate British employers with whom the students will be able to meet innovative technologies connected with optical fibre data transmission, mobile telephony, mechanics, installation of electrical and energetic devices and programming related to computer graphics and others they would not have the chance to meet during home trainings.On the preparation of the students will be working a project team consisting of a coordinator, carers, 2-3 vocational teachers and people from accounting and administrative matters.The recruitment will be carried out according to terms and conditions of the project that enable all first and second grade students to take part in it. The main condition will be handing in an application form which will show the willingness to take part in the project. Those who will not be qualified, will be drawn into a waiting list.The school will provide all necessary preparation for the students and their parents for the internship through language, culture and pedagogical preparation, the purchase of adequate insurance, agreements, certificates, the organisation of the trip, the flight and the meetings with their parents. The school will also meet its obligations and deadlines of the relevant documentation and accounts receivable financing to the National Agency, the Board of Education, the Host Authority and intermediary organizations.Along with the intermediary organization it will plan the course of the internship, accommodation, meals, airport pickup, organize free time, weekends, establish operating rules and try to predict risks and lead to their elimination. Organizations will work together to ensure the smooth and safe conduct of the placement and support of the participants.Internship (planned for April 2016/ March 2017) will provide the opportunity to learn about another professional culture, which will be equipped to their unique experience for the future. The trainees will live in fully-furnished apartments in Germany and Spain.The aim of the project is to increase mobility and competence of young people in initial vocational training, including the selection of competent partners to ensure high quality.Professional experience will be documented by Europass Mobility, certificates of completion of the intermediate organization and linguistic preparation to enhance their CV and a chance to find work.Multi-stage evaluation will be carried out in Poland by the applicant and the intermediary partners in the following forms: observation, questionnaires, reports.The internship will be monitored by the applicant and intermediary organizations.Dissemination of the results of the project will take place in the country and abroad mainly on web pages.The internship will provide students the chance to learn about the culture, habits, develop interpersonal skills, ability to work in a group in the new environment, coping with stress in new circumstances and unfamiliar conditions, and prepare them for eventual possibility of a change of residence in search of work. Staff training organised within jobshadowing will let gain new experience and later make use of it while working with a student.


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