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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

During last 25 years,when the vocational educational system was no longer a domain of companies but became a part of the general school system,there have been major changes in the perception of the area of education.Vocational education began to be associated with the weakest and worst educated people.This image is enhanced by low (in social belief) quality of such education and by unemployment among parts of graduates.The changes of the labour market are beginning to force the transformation of vocational education, which should lead to improvement of the effectiveness of vocational training.Instead of training disregarded manual workers,schools should begin to train specialists.A vocational secondary school graduate should be a reflection of professionalism,reliability and diligence.The project will begin shaping the image of the school as the place where professionals and specialists are trained and supported in their personal and professional development. The target receivers of the project are: - teachers of vocational subjects (IT,electronic and electrical,mechanical and advertising),vocational English teachers and career counsellors from the School Career Centre (14 persons) - students of the 3rd grade of the vocational secondary school who are trained to be electrics and electronics technicians (32 students=2x16) Teachers are willing to acquire a new knowledge and experience.They have university degrees in technology,and usually many years of experience in working with young people. The vast majority of them are Regional Examinations Board examiners.They often participate in courses,and complement their qualifications on postgraduate studies.Because the existing system of teacher training is not very effective,teachers expect supporting and identifying new opportunities and directions for improving the current situation.They also need good examples of how to encourage students to study vocational subjects,increase their motivation and raise the level of the vocational exam pass rate. The system of awarding professional competences to students of vocational secondary schools is a novelty for teachers and makes a lot of difficulties to students.All activities in the project are to strengthen the learning and teaching process, increase mobility and sharing experiences,and develop of know-how in education.Innovative methods of vocational training (tested and implemented in practice) can help in coping with the problem of early school leaving in our school.The teachers of Techniczne Zakłady Naukowe will take up new challenges to the best interests of the school and the students, having a unique opportunity for their own development.A five-day for 10 teachers and a twenty-eight-day for 4 teachers job shadowing in Portuguese vocational schools and innovative companies is a chance for achieving those aims.Teachers internships and students vocational training will be held in Montijo,Almada and Lisbon.Young people who leave(IV.2016 and X.2016) are trained in accordance with the core curriculum imposed by the Ministry of Education, which is unsuited to the real needs of the labour market.No direct contact with employers and ignorance of the company rules mean that young technicians often do not take up jobs in their profession.Insufficient knowledge of English vocational vocabulary,lack of professionalism,poorly developed interpersonal skills, lack of creativity discourage potential employers and make the graduates threaten with unemployment.Taking into account the above factors,the mobility project should be considered as an excellent development tool for young people in professional,cultural and social areas.The project meets curiosity and cognitive needs,and makes the learning process be achieved in a natural way.Only in this case,you can get the best results.Persons wishing to take part in the project will submit the relevant declarations and will participate in the selection process,which the Selection Board will be responsible for.An important factor to be taken into account when recruiting students is their emotional maturity.The opinion of the class teacher and the outcome of discussions with the school counsellor examining candidates from a perspective of their readiness for a long separation from their families will be taken into consideration.After a group of participants been qualified,their cultural, pedagogical and language preparation will begin.Implementation of the project promotes Techniczne Zakłady Naukowe and highlights the increased opportunities for professional development of our students, which is an important factor when choosing a school.The project results will be published on the school website, and the local press will inform about its implementation.The conference,which employers,FRAPZ representatives,teachers and the local community will be invited to,will influence on the development of vocational education in the region.



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