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Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

For courses are planned to be held during 2016 and 2017, with students and abz-stuffs. In the career-entry-level classes, there are a significant number of academically weak students, some with physical disabilities and others socially disadvantaged.It is especially these student groups that gain the most personal and career benefits from the intercultural experiences while on foreign placements. In addition, it is specifically these academically and financially disadvantaged parts of our society where anxiety and hostility form the sentiment towards other cultural groups and towards the concept of a European Union. Resentment and anxiety can be resolved through positive, practical, intercultural experience, which is why these projects aim to involve specifically disadvantaged young people. Also, in today’s international workplace it is particularly this group which is most likely to be confronted with people from alternative cultures. These projects are designed to prepare this young and inexperienced group for these challenges ahead, both in their lives and in their careers.We are planning to take students from four different career-entry-level schools and two local areas to a foreign country, offering language schooling combined with intercultural training, plus a work placement in a company environment. The students will be accompanied by certified trainers and teachers from the various schools. Students will take part in a three week long activity in a foreign country with intercultural training, school attendance, language courses and company based work placement relevant to their subject areas of interest. Students will attain relevant working practice and experience as well as gaining intercultural competence and language skills in their chosen area of work.The specific subject areas will be as follows:-Handcrafts, Healthcare, Catering, Purchasing, Retailing, Service work for technical professions in building and construction, carpentry, gardening and landscaping, metalworking, automotive repair etc.After a week of english lessons and intercultural and introductory trainings, students will be introduced to a company for work placement. This work placement is individually tailored to the academical skills and needs of the students and forms the foundation for the cooperation with the transnational partners und their cooperating workplaces.4 Courses in 03/04/2016 and 03/04/2017• 4 x 15 Students• 4 x 6 Teachers• 4 x 2 Certified ABZ PädagogenPreparation• 12 Weeks• intercultural training Experience in a foreign country• 3 weeks• Company work placement in the chosen country• Accompanying english courses and group training (Introduction)• Activities in the evenings and during the weekendsFollow-up work and lessons learnt• 4 weeks• Reflection and follow-up support



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