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"Prakse ārzemēs-vairāk pieredzējis mājās"
Date du début: 18 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 17 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

For VET "Liepaja State Technical school" it is important to implement international projects for students and teachers from both the construction and the technical department and from services and tourism division as well. Internationally educated and practically experienced staff and students are invaluable for the development of educational institution. The main activities of the project implementation are planned in 2016, first semester of the school year – from August till the end of November – in order to be able to involve a big number of participants and take into consideration exams and tests which mainly take place in the second semester. Overall in the project there would participate 45 students at the age of 17 - 20 years and 8 accompanying persons - specialty teachers who, at the same time, will participate in the training themselves and provide the necessary support for students abroad; as well as staff training abroad for 9 participants from VET "Liepaja State Technical school" teachers who will improve their professional knowledges in the subjects, find new partners and methodology to be used in classes. VET "Liepaja State Technical school" organizes international practice and training with the aim to better prepare the students for the labor market by improving and developing their practical, theoretical and linguistic knowledges. The practice in the international companies develops the personalities of young people, teaches them autonomy and greater confidence about their abilities. By contrast, teachers' training in the international arena makes it possible to improve the training and practice sessions, the introduction of new methods that would modernize involving young people into the process. Teachers will learn the latest technology applications and the need of them in the learning process. Participating in the international project will develop international contacts for further development of educational institutions. It is a chance to promote cooperation between businesses and educational institutions; and promote the attractiveness of vocational education.Practice and practical training will be implemented in accordance to the industry program in an international companies in Italy, Germany, Portugal and Bulgaria, while in Austria and the UK teachers' training and improvement will be implemented. Total practical duration for each flow of students will be 4 weeks. Teachers training will be 2 weeks in UK, Austria – 1week. Content of the project meets the sectoral and regional development needs providing the labor market needs of the educational offer. Achievements of learning and practical results will be shown the Europass Mobility documents and certificates issued by the host organization. Information on the results will appear in VET "Liepaja State Technical school" social networks, website and in the regional media. The project participants who will present in the practice/tutorial time acquired knowledge, experience and lessons learned will become Erasmus + program heralds. Open, multicultural and motivated participants are beneficial to any educational institution, and they become such participating in international projects.



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