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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project has offered our students the opportunity for doing part of the Working Practice module (FCT) in a country of Europe, with all what this means: an approach to Europe and to other production models. It has also given our teaching staff an opportunity for training in Europe offering the possibility of improving their skills. With this project we have improved both the quality of the learning services of our Center, as the training as workers for students and teachers so that they can meet the needs of the labour market, since in general all of them have improved their educational skills. The participants have been vocational training students in their last year of studies and they made part of its work practice module in workplaces in different European countries. All specialties which are taught in our Center have been represented: Culinary Arts and Gastronomy: 3 students in Germany, 2 in Poland, 3 in Portugal. Restoration Services: 6 students in Germany Bakery, Pastry and Confectionery: 6 students in Germany (a student had to anticipate the return because of medical emergency). Administrative Management: 1 student in Irland Electrical and Automatic Systems: 3 students in Portugal Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems: 2 students in Portugal Heat Production Systems: 2 students in Portugal The teachers belong to the following specialties: 1 specialist in Hotel Business and Tourism in Germany 1 specialist in Finance and Administration in Poland The most valued criterion in the selection of students is their academic record, which means that these boys and girls have been chosen among the best in their classes. Because we believe that we must offer them the fullest potential for labor insertion, they make only part of their working practice in Europe and the remaining part in Gran Canaria. When we were applying for the project we only had a contact in Germany, a vocational school with a variety of specialties. But we have worked to improve the adequacy of the profile of the companies and countries to our students, so finally the mobilities have been developed in several countries and different companies, obtaining very positive results. The number of mobilities and specialties has been modified during the development of the project: the number of mobilities of teachers requested was initially 8, but only 2 of them could do the mobility. This is due to that this school year the Educational Authority has published the call for admission to educational bodies and that most of the interested teachers wanted to participate in the call, so they had to refuse their applications. The change in the number and in the fields of mobilities of students has been motivated by the differences in the results of their academic records from the 1st course. Before applying for the mobilities a consensus with the various teaching departments was reached, in order to decide which students met the profile according to the selection criteria. At the beginning of this school year some of the selection criteria were changed, since the previous selection had been made when the teachers did not have enough information about the students. In the application form a mistake in the distance band was made. The marked starting point was Spain and Canary Islands should have been marked. The consequence was that the budget for grants for the destination that we had in the beginning was insufficient. This mistake has been corrected, after consultation with the NA and its approval, using part of the budget destinated to mobilities of teachers. The economic total amount used for 28 mobilities of students and 2 staff mobilities has been €71.617. So the difference regarding the initial budget is of €6.395. We highlight the implementation this school year of multilingual workshops in our school, where students participated successfully. We have also had linguistic support of the OLS, with reinforcing language lessons at our school.



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