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Date du début: 8 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 7 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project, "PRÁCTICAS EN EUROPA PARA TÉCNICOS DE FORMACIÓN PROFESIONAL", presented by IES Luis de Lucena Guadalajara , aims to provide students with Intermediate level , which meet the requirements , the opportunity to complete their training in a host country and thus implement the acquired knowledge and skills in a framework of cooperation between institutions or technical schools vocational training and the workplace . This projects involves five students, three of them belong to the cycle Consumer Electronic Equipment and will be placed in Dax (France ) and the other student in UK. The other two belong to the cycle of Electric Power Facilities and will conduct their practices in the UK. The first phase of the project involves students selecting candidates through personal interviews and objective tests , so then we can find the right company to their profile . The linguistic and cultural preparation and the necessary expertise is another of our challenges. Another necessary task is finding accommodation , for which we have the help of intermediaries partners. Finally travel management and insurance. The students will stay for a period of ten weeks, from early April to mid-June 2015 . We have the collaboration of two intermediary partners , "Lycée d'Enseignement Général et Technologique de Borda" and "Edutravel World" company . They mainly help us in the search and selection of business and residence for students . With both partners we have worked in previous years mobilities. In the destination country there will be a tutor reference belonging to another intermediary partner and tutor training in the company. Communications between the various parts will be made by email, phone or personal chat . The company tutor will inform us weekly for work done by the student. Besides this, the students and tutors will fill-out questionnaires about the project , in order to establish quality criteria and more objectively complete the final report. Through this experience our students will improve their technical , cultural and language training . Also developing their autonomy , initiative and responsibility and will be a good example for other students. All this will contribute to improved learning for life and the ability of overcoming. Finally they will obtain a certified and internationally recognized qualification that helps labor mobility. Cooperation between schools and business schools in different countries , promotes mutual understanding and the exchange of knowledge through innovative practices in the field of education and vocational training. Smooth operation and dissemination of this project in the future will increase the concern of our students to perform these as enriching practices. The fact that we have chosen intermediary partners with the same interests will allow us to work toguether in future projects and mobilities.



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