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Prácticas en Europa Erasmus +, fp grado medio, FCT y titulados.
Date du début: 25 juin 2016, Date de fin: 24 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We are requesting 10 mobilities for students and graduates of IVT training degrees involved in the families of administration, and electricity of our institutions , they will complete their FCT period or they will do an internships as graduates in companies of UK, France,Italy and Malta.At the same time we are requesting for 6 mobilities for staff, five of them for teachers and the sixth for a concierge. MOBILITIES QUALITY : Always there will be only one participant in each company except in the case of students in the electricity companies, they have enough workload and the tutor 's ability to accommodate two students. We have enough partners host to ensure maximum utilization and improve the integration of the participant in the company and the destination city and to deal with any unforeseen change that may arise.We have the experience and infrastructure necessary based on experience from previous years in different European programs to carry out this project , facing any unforeseen problems that might arise during his development. Applicant Organization : Public IES Alonso de Avellaneda of Alcalá de Henares will manage all aspects of project completely autonomously . Host partners in the UK ( 8) , France (2 ), Italy ( 2) and Malta(1) NEEDS : - Improving training for IVT trainees with the completion of the FCT in European companies.- Increase the employability of these students and graduates of these degrees.- To enable participants to learn to work in a European business environment.- Expand their business horizons , self-sufficiency and ability to work in an international team .- Improve their professional and linguistic skills.OBJECTIVES :- Increase the possibility of mobility of IVT students.- Raising the quality of the FCT .- Improving the employability of these students and recent graduates .- Learn new techniques used by European companies in each of the specialties.- To facilitate this learning experience to people who otherwise would have no chance , promoting equal opportunities for different types of students.- Increasing the prestige of the IVT and interest of the general population in order to follow these studies.- Promote the use of IT's in IVT and teaching "on line"- Encourage the use of our virtual platform through internet based Moodle "Prácticas en Europa Erasmus +, fp grado medio FCT y titulados"- Expand our network of companies and partners RESULTS : Increasing interest in studying an IVT degree ,learning languages in order to do FCT's in another country, or doing an internship as graduates, increasing their motivation , improving the social image of the IVT WHERE : Participants will do the internship in companies in the UK, France, Italy and Malta. WHEN:- 72 days over the regular period of the FCT's : From March to May 2017 for the trainees of Administration, and Electricity degrees.-To the graduates will also be 72 days , the dates between July and September of 2016 or between October and December of 2016 depending on the possibilities of available dates for the graduates.We ask for five training mobilities of staff, five of them for UK , they will be prepared and planned carefully with the help of our partners to make them as profitable as possible, for IVT teachers into the IT ,administration degrees and the matter of labor training and guidance(FOL). We expect that these training visits allow to the teachers learn about processes and activities carried out in European companies and that can be incorporated into teaching for our students, this will improve their acquired knowledge and skills. The diffusion of personal mobility activities will contribute further to give our most prestigious institution and attractive to students interested in studying IVT in our school.Relating to the concierge's mobility , their will carry out it in a French Lyceum, doing different tasks with the concierges of the institution, learning about working methods, new tecnologies, etc.The staff mobilities will be carried out over the spring, probably a week in April or May of 2017, depending on the posibililties of the hosting companies where we will complete the job shadowing.



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