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Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

IES El Escorial is the applicant organization and in turn the sending partner.ITALIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN MADRID is the partner broker.Breschi VIVAI DI FRANCO FEDERICO Breschi is a host partner.VIVAI PIANTE MORENO CAI is a host partner.STUDENT MOBILITY FOR PRACTICEThe proposal consists in the realization of training practices of two students of Intermediate Training Course "Gardening and Flower" in nurseries: Vivai Breschi Breschi and Franco di Federico Moreno Vivai Piante Cai, who are in the region of Pistoia in Italian Tuscany.One mobility flow, which starts in late March or early April 2016 and ends in early to mid-June 2016, with a duration of 11 weeks is proposed.The main needs of the participants addressed are the development of personal autonomy and facilitate their entry into the labor market.The main objectives are:-Improve The level of skills and basic skills students.-By Learning mobility of students, aims to promote youth participation in democratic life in Europe, the labor market, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, inclusion and social solidarity.Recognition of non-formal learning.-Promote The international dimension of education and training through cooperation between institutions and programs in the field of vocational training.-To Improve the teaching and learning of languages and promote linguistic diversity of the EU.The results are expected to get comprehensive training of participants and increasing their autonomy and their professional aspirations for the work abroad.Increased interest among students in Intermediate for work in other countries and training in languages and cultures different from their own is also expected.The impact is expected in the short term participants is obtaining his degree Intermediate Cycle they are studying, as they perform in the host country Training Module in Work Centres (FCT) which is mandatory to obtain a degree. Moreover, today is not understood training without the internationalization of content and learning and especially knowledge of other ways of thinking and producing. Mobility participants generated in intercultural competencies and in a foreign language, increase employment prospects and promote labor market mobility in the future. In addition to improving individual skills, is expected to improve personal employability, as well as institutional and international development. Finally, the mobility project will get recognition / validation of acquired skills and knowledge that will be very positive in his immediate future.The desired impact locally is that our participation in mobility projects result in our prestige and credibility. Regionally we remain a focal point in the CAM's commitment to encourage the participation of our students and teachers in training and work experience abroad. Finally, at European and international level we want impact on the scalability of the project (thanks to previous Erasmus and Leonardo projects, several organizations have contacted us to act as host partners and intermediaries, and it is expected that this project continues to foster this communication).



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