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Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project consortium, PRÁCTICA LABORAL CON EUROPA DE ALUMNOS DE MADRID (Work based learning in Europe for Madrid students) requested through this call 2016, arises due to the interest shown by schools, and to provide continuity and response from the Directorate General for VET to the one started in 2015. In this call it has been increased up to 30% of the existing centres in Madrid and it is aimed for intermediate level vocational education and training students.Generated as part of a consortium led by the Directorate General for VET it has been created within the frame of a consortium and responds to an initiative of commitment with European mobility in our region. In this Consortium, there are 40 participating VET schools from the five different areas in which the region of Madrid is divided. They all offer Vocational Education and Training in many different VET sectors. The 80 participants in the mobility activities are students of intermediate level vocational education and training from the different VET schools part of the consortium, among them, we name the following VET participating sectors:Bodywork and electromechanicsCookery and GastronomyFashion design and dressmakingBusiness and sales expertNursing CareSelf ImageFood processingElectrical and automatic installationsIT and ComputingInstallation and maintenanceGardening and flower arrangementMicrocomputer Systems and Networks The aim of the mobility activities is that the students can carry out their traineeship, a mandatory 370 hour part of their training, in a European company, thereby adding an international dimension to the work placement. Work based learning is increasingly understood as a fundamental piece to increase the labour market relevance of education and training and help reduce skills mismatches and shortages.Regarding the methodology and management, we have chosen our partners according to the participant´s profile. We have devised the necessary communication channels between the partners and the participants and we have taken the necessary precautions for the safety of the participants, their supervision and monitoring. Besides, we have envisaged activities for evaluating the outcomes of the project, assess the results on the students and the schools and ways to measure impact as much as a quality plan for the dissemination of the project results.In the short term, the expected results of this mobility on the students are an improvement of their professional skills, their language skills and employability, increasing, this way, its prospects in their professional future. In the medium and long term, we expect to increase their sensitivity to European values and other cultures and countries as much in the students as in the schools they belong to. We also expect them to be more inclined to participate in other European programmes and in long life learning programmes.For the schools part of this Consortium, the expected results are related to the project objectives: to increase European inclination and raise awareness of the benefits of participation in Erasmus + in the VET institutions of the Autonomous region of Madrid. This way we would like to increase, progressively, the percentage of VET schools and students that participate in Erasmus+ projects in VET. We believe that through participation in the Consortium we can ease the way for the inexperienced schools, as they can share the experience and good practices with the other members of the Consortium. This will be a motivating factor for them to apply individually in the future. We also hope that this institutional participation with the 40 schools part of the Consortium reaches beyond the time scope of the project thanks to the dissemination of the activities planned and the good practices carried out. This will act as motivation for other schools in the region of Madrid. Last but not least, we expect the impact of this project in our region to have a reflection at national level and beyond. With our contribution we would like to do our bit to make a big pile of mobility projects in education and training that can in turn have an impact on the educational systems of all the countries participating in Erasmus + and at international level.



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