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Pracovní stáže žáků OA Plzeň v Anglii
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

When we were contacted by ADC College, based in London, which is involved in the arrangment of students´ work experience in English companies, this offer was interesting for us and we began to cooperate. In view of the fact that our school, Business Academy Pilsen, Czech Republic, focuses on teaching economic subjects, our aim was to give our students an opportunity to get some work experience in business administration abroad, which could become their considerable advantage in the future when applying for a job. Therefore they did typical office and retail activities such as working on PC, typing, dealing with post and invoices, answering phones, filing documents and communicating with clients and customers. This work experience also helped them to improve their language skills, use the knowledge acquired in lessons in the real world and they got acquainted with the environment of a particular organization. At the same time it was a chance to get to know a different country, its inhabitants, culture, traditions and habits which will contribute to the development of their tolerance and respect for diversity. In further close cooperation with ADC College, we would like to enable to get this kind of experience to other students of ours in the course of the following years. We are sure that the participation in this project could become an important factor for increasing students´ motivation to give the teaching their full attention and improve their results. In the future it may also be a significant contribution to the decrease of unemployment rate which is quite high among graduates and the youth. Since this is mainly due to the lack of appropriate practical training, Erasmus+ is one of the ways to change this situation.



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