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Powrót do życia społecznego kobiety po mastektomii
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Breast cancer is the biggest oncological problem in developed countries and also a growing problem in developing countries. In 2008 more than 330,000 women from Members States of the European Union were diagnosed with breast cancer and about 89 000 women died. Statistically nearly ¼ of Polish women were diagnosed with breast cancer (22,8%). The number of deaths from breast cancer in Poland remained at the same level. It means that more women live probably with cured breast cancer, usually after bilateral mastectomy. Amazons, the younger and older do not allow themselves to resign from active, professional, family and social life. Taking into account aspects mentioned above, they key issue is about putting an emphasis on mental, physical, social comfort and quality of life of women who have won the fight against breast cancer. This aim may be achieved mainly by increasing: awareness of medical personnel about the need of long term care of patient and the qualifications of medical personnel in this area. The spread of awareness among women after mastectomy and new solutions of medical rehabilitation play an important part of the goal. The main aspect contributing to the improvement of quality of life before and after mastectomy in the physical and psychological rehabilitation. The care system of women after mastectomy has become one of the fastest developing topics in the field of health in recent years, but there is a lack of specialized medical staff who is sensitive to this problem. In most cases, the care ends at the moment of completion of cancer treatment and breast removal. The aim of the project is to raise an awareness and sensitivity of medical staff as well as their qualifications in the field of new psycho-medical solutions, “soft” interpersonal skills, but also improvement of quality of women’s life after mastectomy, including their total back to active, fully fledged functioning in society. Further development of the vocational training and model care will allow to perform their professional skills in a better way, what will have an influence on the comfort and the quality of life of patients, not only after surgery and during the convalescence, but also in later time relating back to a normal life. The consortium consisting of five entities, including Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital- Research Institute (PMMH-RI) Poland, Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine (NIOM) Poland, Surekli Egitim, Arastirma ve Danisma Dernegi (SEADDER) - Turkey, Institutul Postliceal Phoenix (IPP) – Romania, Bulgarian Development Agency (BDA) – Bulgaria will undertake to create training modules and expand training in the field of development of competences and skills of professionals working with women after mastectomy i.a. surgeons, physiotherapists, care takers, psychologists, pathomorphologists and dieticians. Access to vocational training and extending of complex knowledge on breast cancer and physical and psychological rehabilitation of women after mastectomy will allow for better performance of professional activities and hence efficient return to life of women after mastectomy. Partners from different countries, sharing experiences will carry out courses to improve the quality of care for patient after mastectomy i.a. the implementation of the innovative treatment using new methods of rehabilitation. During monthly video conferencing and international 3 days of workshops, specialists, psychologists, couches and psychotherapists pathomorphologists and dieticians engaged in the project will share their experiences and will propose the introduction of intensification of rehabilitation care of women after mastectomy. Trainings for the public (workshops and research picnics) will also be organized. It will affect the development of new personalized therapy in women with cancer and will actively engage relatives, co-workers and employers. Exchange of practices with foreign partners, mainly from the psychological and couching field is the perfect solution, contributing to the strengthening of the project idea. Engagement of representatives from different countries will make brainstorming and finding ideal comprehensive strategies allowing to return of women to the active and normal life. Close cooperation with renewed research centers enables the realization of objectives of the project at the highest level. The main objective of the PoMasto project is to increase the comfort and quality of life, as well as to enable a full return to social activity, family and professional life of women after mastectomy. Medical centers end their patients care at the time of hospital discharge.



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