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Power of the Game
Date du début: 10 mai 2016, Date de fin: 9 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Gamification in Education is a 8-day training course for youth leaders and youth workers from Erasmus+ programme countries that aims to empower and give youth workers frameworks and space to create and practice educational games of high quality. The training course will bring together 31 participants from 9 countries to Velden am Wörthersee, Austria during the period of 18.-26. September 2016 to create large role-playing/simulation games that can be used in youth work. Objectives of the training course:- To share a framework for creating educational and experiential games;- To give participants tools for mapping and identifying needs of their target group;- To discuss the topic of a game as an educational tool;- To create a set of educational games in the frame of non-formal learning;- To share gaming practices for inclusion and entrepreneurial attitude. - To give participants tools for a creative approach of the topic of youth work;- To find suitable ways of using creative methods for working with young people;- To create a game compilation booklet and an on-line resource;- To give tools of involving youngsters into the game-creation process; - To empower youth workers/youth leaders to take creative action with young people.The project idea was created from a youth initiative carried out in Estonia under the name of "Game-Creator: DIY", which proven games and game-creation being strong tools for educating youngsters and improving their soft skills and certain knowledge and skills for future. During the main activity participants will be given the opportunity to be trained as game-architects and facilitators of educational games through experiential and non-formal learning. The participants will have an opportunity to use the experience and practice it during the training course and improve the level of competences as a youth worker and youth educator. We expect at least 5 successful educational games to be cerated during this training course.



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