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Poszukiwanie skarbu - Treasure Hunt
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Poszukiwanie skarbu - Treasure Hunt" is a 2,5-year plan for cooperation of 6 schools from Germany, Finland, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia and Poland as a coordinator. The main priority of the project is - Developing basic and transversal skills using innovative methods. Project activities are focused on as wide a topic as water. They cover its artistic aspect as well as economical, healthy and touristic one. To achieve the main priority, the project partners plan to use student-centered methods among which gamification plays the essential role. The mentioned method is highly innovative. It is entertaining for students and, at the same time, it activates their creativity and self-reliance. Gamification creates a motivating context and uses student-friendly tools. The teachers involved in the project will gain the necessary knowledge and skills in two-module course. The first part will take place online; the second - the workshop- during the short students exchange in Finland. The course will be lead by Finnish experts. During the workshop the game framework will be designed. It will later be worked out by the project teachers and used during the exchanges in partner schools. The games will revise the students' knowledge and skills on a particular water aspect as well as introducing some new knowledge to them. After each Game Days students and teachers will evaluate the game as an activity so that the teachers will increase their skills in working with gamification. During the project there are planned many activities which will involve different-subject teachers to work on the multi-faceted topic - water. The students will look for and analyse the pieces of literature connected with water; they will photograph water in different seasons. They will measure the consumption of water and look for the reasons and the ways of decreasing it. They will analyse the water resources in different countries, water fauna and flora; they will find the ways to use water's beauty and power for humans' benefit. There are planned online competitions for the best photo and the best advertisement on decreasing water consumption or promoting drinking fresh water instead of sweetened soft drinks. The students will organize campaigns in their schools promoting water - its importance of it to human's life and health. they will visit places and institutions connected with water. During the project students will create an ebook on water literature impressions, a photo album with the best photos. There will be numerous audiovisual materials e.g. advertisements encouraging drinking fresh water instead of sweetened soft drinks or manuals teaching how to decrease water consumption. The teachers will archive the observed lessons and workshops in Teacher Training Diary. They will also make lesson plans with elements of gamification to be used during the project. There are 110 students and 45 teachers from 6 countries directly involved in the project. There are planned numerous dissemination activities which aim at promoting and popularizing the knowledge and skills that students and teachers will gain during the project. The students' works will be uploaded to the project webpage, the etwinning platform and they will appear on the Erasmus Plus Corner in schools' halls. The teaching materials and some of the students works will be shared in Open Educational Resources. There is also planned a conference for teachers in Gdańsk during the last students exchange in October 2017. It is predicted that the project will have a huge impact on both students and teachers. Students will broaden their knowledge and skills in an interesting way which will stimulate their creativity and self-reliance. Not only will they communicate better in English but also they will be better motivated to learn languages in the future because they will have understood the quality of this skill. The students will not only acquire humanistic, artistic, TIC or science skills but also they will be able to look for all the answers they need on their own. The students will get to know different cultures of the project countries. This will enable them to be more open to the diversity, on one hand, and to appreciate their own identity, on the other. The teachers involved in the project directly or indirectly will refresh their methods of teaching, will get to know the special features of different educational systems as well as cooperating in a multinational group. They will definitely be more motivated to the future work. The project will let all the participants find the knowledge and skills - the great treasure. Additionally, it will teach them how to hunt the treasure on their own in the future.



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