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"Poster Art - Take part" We develop together the final Poster Art Installation with sculptural urban elements in Austria
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project is aimed at interconnecting schools and pupils so that, during those 3 years, they can learn to work together while learning about other cultures, through direct contact, and their take on the idea of poster art. During those 3 years several activities will make the teachers and students taking part in the project become observers and contributors to the chosen subject matter. The project will kick start in September 2015, when each school will present the project and choose the teams that will be directly involved. The teachers will then meet in Austria so that they can present their take on the project. The first meeting presentations of the partners to introduce their schools, educational systems and cities. Detailing the first year programme, integration of the project into the curricula Each year, before every mobilization, a research on the country to be visited, including information and pictures, will be displayed on the Erasmus+ corner in each school. After each mobilization the mobility will be evaluated later internationally ( by all partners with a questionnaire prepared by the hosting country) and locally ( each school will integrate project activities and objectives into its school curriculum, display it on the Erasmus+ corner in each school and publish it on the projects’ website). After each mobility, the application and evaluation of students’ questionnaires on the matter will be done. Result reports and graphics will be uploaded to the website. Skype meetings will be held periodically in order to ease communication between coordinating teachers, so that they can decide on further subjects to tackle through the project. An e-magazine will be made by students and teachers, reflecting the activities of the project after each year. . Project team and management staff at schools locally and with the coordinator teachers via skype meeting internationally, will do each year evaluation. The students will develop artistic skills, through learning new techniques and direct contact with different cultures and approaches towards art. They will experiment with grafitti, screen printing, woodcutting and enjoy new forms of expression. As each painting activity will be related to one or more European community values or requirements, our students will search, discuss and improve their understanding of these issues and use their creativity to express their ideas on these topics with graffiti. Working on big surfaces and in an international team will require our students to work cooperatively and improve their teamwork abilities and social skills.The integrative effect of art will contribute to a better understanding of cultures. We aim at an active participation of all students in the project via surveys, questionnaires, twin-space tasks, competitions, searching activities, painting activities, street art exhibitions, mind maps and discussions. We want to help our teachers exchange pedagogical methods with European colleagues. Regular skype and Twin-space meetings, facebook discussions, mobilities and online lessons will encourage them to follow technological developments and innovations in the educational field. We intend to improve the use of a foreign language. Our students have already had the experience of written and spoken English communication and have been exchanging cultural features with their foreign friends thanks to our e-twinning activities. There are 8 countries in the project: Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Macedonia, Romania and Portugal. Final product: ART TOWN - open exhibition (+video presentation/media coverage) in a park with all results of "Creativity can move mountains!" competition conducted internationally.



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