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„Portugalskie doświadczenie – zagraniczne staże dla uczniów szkół ZDZ”
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project includes support for 50 students of the hairdressing profession, forwarding, technician of rail transport in the daytime Technical Schools ZDZ in Bialystok, located in Bialystok, Elk, Suwalki and Gizycko and Vocational School ZDZ in Bialystok and 4 vocational teachers. North-eastern Poland, where the ZDZ’ schools work, in comparison with other regions of Poland, is characterised by raised structural unemployment, poor infrastructure and economical development. Residents often accept that situation and present passive attitude towards challenges in life. Attractiveness of graduates on labour market is low because of educational, social, mental and cultural gap. The project’s aim is professional development which has influence on growth chances for employment and mobility young people on labour market – graduates professional schools by dinty of participate in foreign internship. Besides, the project’s detailed aim is improve communication and social skills, personal predisposition, increase creativity, and chance to get confirmed professional experience. The Project activities aspire to break social and economical barrier the region and participants. Cooperation has been established with Portugal company- CASA DA EDUCAÇÃO, which has been obliged for realization, organization and monitoring of foreign internship and job shadowing for beneficiary of Project in Lisbon (Portugal). CASA DA EDUCAÇÃO had been taken effective participation in constructing practice program. Its employees have many years experience In realization Project of Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus+ programme. Partner will give participants: accommodation, food, practice in local companies, cultural activities, protection and psychological support as well as monitoring and validation made practice. Within the Project there have been planned activities related with linguistic and cultural background for foreign internship (practice Portugal and English language, culture and habits). Mobility will be organized in two groups: I-II 2017 (25 pupils and 2 teachers) and in I-II 2018 (25 pupils and 2 teachers) will go on 2-week long apprenticeship training in hairdressing salons, transport and rail companies in Lisbon (Portugal). Participants will gain experience and knowledge in practice professional and communication skills, will learn about the culture and customs of Portugal. Lisbon is a capital city and culturally and economically rich region. This is very important region in industrial, financial, cultural and scientific specifications, there have been functioning a lot of manufacturing companies. Lisbon is famous for its high developed, transport sector and tourist services and related industries in particular hairdressing and cosmetics service. Participants will receive confirmation of placement and training acquired linguistic and cultural preparation. Partners have sing Memorandum of Understanding, Learning Agreement. Students will receive marks about their apprenticeship training and of the Europass Mobility document, ECVET, confirming their qualifications and skills, experience, broadening their opportunities for employment and mobility. The resulting and degrees will be recognized in the home school. Acquired during the apprenticeship training knowledge and experience will motivate students to constantly upgrade their skills, investing in their development and activity and help to shape attitudes to facilitate the adjustment to changes in regional, Polish and European labour market.



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