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Poprzez Film dla Lepszego Zrozumienia Naszych Kultur
Date du début: 2 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 1 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Through the Movie for a Better Understanding of Our Cultures" should support intercultural dialogue between Poland and three countries of southern Europe by conducting a series of film workshops. The implementation of all planned activities will enable young people to acquire new skills, inspire for developing film passion, not only by watching them, but also by creating material effects arising from the interests of the participants. Perhaps this will give them a path to a career by combining "business with pleasure" - a passion with work. Each participant will get a number of benefits, including new skills acquired through the use of instruments of non-formal education. To achieve the full results it will be important to show the cultural, economic and social dependence between different countries. Objectives of the project: 1) the promotion of Polish culture through contact with the culture and society of Polish cultural capital - Warsaw, especially through contact with peers who in the best way will show the positive cultural aspects of the city, the region and the whole country; 2) to enhance dialogue and cooperation between the four nations through active participation in discussions, meetings and workshops; 3) to show young people the opportunities and benefits that come from international cooperation, also in the framework of European Union programs; 4) to show the huge role of young people, as individuals having big contribute for enhancing cooperation and exploit existing relationships; 5) to increase sensitivity to other cultures; 6) to promote informal learning and showing the possibilities offered by modern information and communication technologies in moving within modern states and societies; 7) to promote language learning as a way of deepening intercultural relations on the European continent. Number and type of participants - young Croats, Poles, Portuguese and Italians aged 18-26 will create a group of 48 people (including 4 leaders). Each person is an active member of his organization, open to the development and promotion of international cooperation in the field of youth, as well as having experience in this field. They are graduates of degree courses which promote the development of international relations, as well as all areas of cultural life, including film. Recruitment assumed to rely on a number of criteria, including knowledge of the English language, creativity, interesting in film and openness to international cooperation. Description of activities After a series of preparations, which will be attended by all the organizations participating in the project, held on 20-29 July 2014 in Warsaw will last phase of implementation. In its course, beyond the standard elements of this phase, ie. transfer from the station / airport, accommodation, showing the training base and the basic information and principles of project, as well as the coordination of all activities by the organizers, the participants of the Exchange will implement planned activities, which will be: - Team-building workshops that will allow you to create tight-knit group of active young people; - Film workshops with respected industry experts, including workshops on video editing; - Visits to cultural-cognitive in the most important places in Warsaw - including the Old Town, cinemas and theaters (combined with meetings with people every day working with movie realizations), as well as in other places closely connected with the cultural map of Warsaw. During these visits, participants under the supervision of guides and experts will make movies that promote Croatian, Polish, Portuguese and Italian culture, and the places connected with them throughout Warsaw. The participants shall jointly prepare a film promoting multinational Warsaw, as well as selected locations open to the participation in youth initiatives. All activities will be based on using of non-formal education instruments. During the implementation phase will be a daily evaluation meetings, which allow for ongoing assessment of the results achieved and the benefits of Exchange. Expected results and impacts of the project: 1) raising of awareness of other cultures and openness to them; 2) showing young people the ways and ideas for their own personal and professional development; 3) getting by young people new skills which will help to facilitate the labor market; 4) building of a network of international contacts that will contribute to the intensification of international cooperation; 5) encouraging of active citizenship and participation in the life of different societies; 6) internationalization and increasing the potential and attractiveness of activities related to the education and training of young people; 7) improving the knowledge of foreign languages, especially Polish and English. Proper dissemination of the project results should allow to increase its impact on the national and international level.



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