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Pomagam ponieważ chcę/I help because I can
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

9 - month EVS activity which will be attended by five volunteers from Portugal, the UK, Austria, France, and Slovakia is an extension of the previous five EVS projects implemented by the Volunteer Center. The theme of the project is to work for development and promotion of local and foreign volunteering in the community and the city of Kielce region as well as development activity of young people through work on"Stop of Young" - a place of support youth initiatives, youth rights and youth policy. The aim of the project is to increase social activity, especially in the form of volunteering among residents of Świętokrzyskie, especially young people, to encourage young people to be active through volunteering, local and foreign (participation in EVS), creating their own initiatives, involvement in youth policy, active participation in the creation of the cultural life of the city and the region. The key point is the development of EVS volunteers residing in the project in Kielce. During their stay, volunteers will organize meetings and workshops for young people to promote volunteering and active, pro-social way of spending free time, they will participate in training and developing their skills in classes of Polish language and culture, they will provide support for young people who want to pursue their own initiative or engage the activities of youth policy. In addition, they will realize their own, original voluntary actions. The effects of the project will increase the social activity in the region and an opportunity to support all kinds of initiatives. What's more, the result will be the development of the volunteers and greater awareness of the country in which they stayed. Awarness of the inhabitants of Kielce on cultural diversity in Europe will be increased also by actions of EVS and their daily lives in the community center. These effects can be seen in the short and long term as well.



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